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2009 was an intense year. Lot's of diversity, but not a lot of touring.



What's New?

Another year over and done with. We have gathered together our thoughts on the year 2009 for your reading pleasure.
     Best Of Lists: Brett Spaceman of [sic] magazine lists some records that he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner talks music.
     Best Of Lists: Inspector Jason tells us which songs, albums, films, and concerts he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Malimus discusses some records he loved, yet somehow never got around
                        to reviewing for this site.

     Best Of Lists: Mr. Pharmacist discusses music for the middle aged.
     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan discusses the music in many formats, and movies.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers talks records.
This is the tenth year that we have done such lists. How time flies.

     12": Moses by Elizabeth Fraser
     7": Liquid Mercury by the Wild Swans
     Album: Kram by Dieter Moebius
     Album: Manafon by David Sylvian
     EP: Murmur by The Sight Below

     Album: Electronic Mischief by Asmodella
     Album: Logos by Atlas Sound
     Album: Beast by Beast
     Album: You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil by Hatcham Social
     Concert: HEADLIGHTS w/ Pomegranates on Tuesday.27.Oct.2009
     EP: Opiate Sun by Jesu

     Album: Carousel by Robin Guthrie
     Album: Heaviness by Heaviness
     Album: Amused, Confused & More Bad News by The Purrs
     Compilation: The Sub Pop Years (1995 - 2002) by Damon and Naomi

     Album: Saltykisses by Guitar
     Album: The Hour Is Upon Us by Hour of the Shipwreck
     Album: ...And The Horse You Rode In On by The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
     Concert: ASOBI SEKSU w/ Sealions on Thursday.24.Sep.2009
     Concert: THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART w/ The Depreciation Guild and
                 Cymbals Eat Guitars
on Monday.28.Sep.2009
     EP: In All the Empty Houses by Epic45

     Album: Unconfirmed Reports by Akatombo
     EP: Remix EP by Dark Captain Light Captain

     Concert: THE ORPHINS w/ The Selmanaires and Club Awesome on Sat.15.Aug.2009
     Download: Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope) by Port-Royal

     Album: Drowned In a Sea Of Sound by The Daysleepers
     Album: But Distractions Abound by Escapade
     Album: Fever Ray by Fever Ray
     Album: Has Been by Retconned
     Album: Haunted House Vol. 1 by Strezo

     Album: Acoustic at Olympic Studios by Asobi Seksu
     Album: Amp on Fire by Do the Robot
     Album: Immolate Yourself by Telefon Tel Aviv
     Concert: OCTOPUS PROJECT w/ Tealights and Living Rooms on Thursday.6.Aug.2009
     EP: Who Are Your Songs For? by Guernica
     EP: Angel Falls by Robin Guthrie
     Remix Album: Kora! Kora! Kora!, songs by the band Kora remixed by Cabaret Voltaire

     Album: Mirrorball by John Foxx and Robin Guthrie
     Album: The Eternal by Sonic Youth
     Concert: ROYAL BANGS w/ What Happened To Your Fire, Tiger? on Saturday.18.July.2009
     Concert: WILD SWANS w/ Rebecca Joy Sharp on Thursday.23.July.2009
     Concert: WILD SWANS on Friday.24.July.2009
     EP: A Flower White by Susumo Yokota
     Single: Goodbye by Seeland

     12": Moth b/w Wolf Cub by Burial and Four Tet
     Album: Strike a Match by Autodrone
     Album: Deaths and Entrances by My Latest Novel
     Concert: VENICE IS SINKING w/ Siberia My Sweet on Friday.19.June.2009

     Concert: THE DECEMBERISTS w/ Blind Pilot on Wednesday.03.June.2009

     Album: Holofon by Dorena
     Album: El Siete Es La Luz by French Teen Idol
     Album: Azar by Venice Is Sinking
     EP: The Natural Order of Things by Trespassers William

     Album: 3 Rounds and a Sound by Blind Pilot
     Album: Some of These Numbers Mean Something by Darkroom
     Album: Dyrdin by Dyrdin
     Album: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
     Concert: THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART w/ Zaza and Sealions on
     Concert: TODAY THE MOON, TOMMORROW THE SUN w/ Pistolero and Tendaberry on
     EP: Options by Portal

     Album: Fits and Cycles by Cinemasophia
     Album: O + S by O + S
     Album: Tomorrow Today by Seeland
     Album: Thy Mighty Contract by Thy Mighty Contract
     Concert: WINDY & CARL w/ Benoît Pioulard, Lamb's Laughter, and Lyonnais on
     EP: Kingdom by Naam

     Album: Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future by The Bird and the Bee
     Album: Sunset Over Saxapahaw by The Good Graces
     Album: The Mountain by Heartless Bastards
     Album: Afterhours in the Afterlife by Voyager One
     Album: Arrivals by Worriedaboutsatan
     Concert: THE POGUES on Monday.09.March.2009
     Concert: MY EDUCATION w/ Night Moves on Saturday.04.April.2009

     It's here! It's here! Our review of the four days of mayhem in Texas known as South By SouthWest. This year we provide you with 17,040 words (that is about 20 pages, single-spaced, in MS Word) and 136 photos (edited down from 1200). This is a lot of content, so please be patient with the pages as they will take a while to load. Enjoy:
     Day 1 featuring Dancer vs. Politician, Twin Tigers, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Vivian Girls, Harlem Shakes, Themselves, Fol Chen, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, A Armada, The Besties, Rotary Downs, Venice is Sinking, My Education, Maserati
     Day 2 featuring O + S, The Carrots, Death is not a Joyride, Foot Patrol, Azeda Booth, Ohbijou, My Latest Novel, Tungsten Coil, That Petrol Emotion
     Day 3 featuring Winter Sounds, Ulrich Schnauss, Longview, The Union Trade, Western Keys, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, School of 7 Bells, Ladyfinger, O + S, Lonely Deart, Headlights, Asobi Seksu
     Day 4 featuring Natccu, Great Northern, Low Line Caller, Peel, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, The Love Me Nots, Efterklang, An Horse, Lou Barlow, Say Hi, The Rosebuds
    Extra: Photo gallery.
I thank all of our loyal readers for their patience as we prepared this massive, in-depth, review of a long event. I have been working my pseudopods to their calcium cores over this for the past three weeks! I am glad that, finally, SxSW09 is complete.

     Album: Somewhere in Blue by Deena
     Album: Mother by Susumu Yokota
     Compilation: A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism Island
     Foreshadowing: We are hard at work on the SxSW09 review, gentle readers, so be patient.
                           We saw 45 bands, taking 9 pages of notes and 1200 pictures! It's a lot
                           to sort through, but we expect to have our usual lengthy and photo-heavy
                           commentary ready by next weekend. We thank you for your patience.

     7": Marble Gods b/w Big Waves by Sad Day For Puppets
     Album: Hush by Asobi Seksu
     Album: Home Free by The Besties
     Album: Cranes by Cranes
     Album: White Flag by Madeline
     Album: Insult to Injury by The Nightingales
     Album: Oohs and Aahs by Say Hi
     Concert: MAGAZINE on Saturday.14.February.2009
     Concert: JUPITER WATTS on Sunday.1.March.2009
     Download EP: Without You I'm Napping my Japanese Gum

     Album: Lower by Calder
     Album: We Have Cause to be Uneasy by Wild Sweet Orange
     Concert: IAN MCNABB w/ Black Swan Lane on Monday.01.December.2008
     Cross-Posting: Back in the last posting of 2008, we noted that writer Brett Spaceman had
                         left us to found his own online webzine. We cross-posted a few of his reviews,
                         and to return the favor he posted our review of the 3:19 soundtrack. The
                         Spaceman's new gig is called [sic] Magazine, and is worth checking out.
     Split Album: Magnitogorsk by Port-Royal and Absent Without Leave

     12": Spiegel im Spiegel by My Education vs. Dälek
     Album: A Long Way From Home by Black Swan Lane
     Concert: THE ROSEBUDS w/ Love Language and The Preakness on Monday.01.December.2008
     Concert: THE ONLY ONES on Saturday.24.January.2009

     7": Me and Mary b/w Breathe Into Glass by Asobi Seksu
     Album: Baby Teeth by Feeding Fingers

     7": Library b/w Call the Incredible by Seeland
     Album: Miracle Kicker by Dark Captain Light Captain
     Best Of Lists: Malimus lists some albums he enjoyed.
     Concert: JULIAN COPE (busking tour) on Wednesday.29.October.2008
     Concert: SNOWDEN w/ Abby GoGo and Carnivores on Saturday.29.November.2008
     Concert: POLVO w/ Highland Space and The Liverhearts on Friday.5.December.2008

Another year over and done with. We have gathered together our thoughts on the year 2008 for your reading pleasure.
     Best Of Lists: Gumdrop discusses 10 songs that moved her.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner raves about seeing his musical hero play on a street corner,
                        and also lists albums, singles, and concert..

     Best Of Lists: Inspector Jason goes over every concert he saw in 2008, and also ranks
                        movies and albums.

     Best Of Lists: Mr. Pharmacist discusses music old, new, and timeless.
     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan discusses the music, movies, and blogs.
     Best Of Lists: Sunny discusses her favorite movies.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers waxes poetic on music live and recorded.


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