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  Jealous Enemies b/w Summer  
  Dark Captain Light Captain  
  Lo Recordings  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

Putting my cards on the table straight away, I'll just say that Dark Captain Light Captain have been one of my favourite discoveries of 2008. As a result of loving their Circles EP and Jealous Enemies 45 so much, it's probably fair to say that this album has been keenly anticipated in the IndoorMiner household.

And it doesn't disappoint. Jealous Enemies opens proceedings and, at the risk of repeating myself, I feel duty bound to point out that this is a truly gorgeous number destined to feature VERY highly in my end of year lists. There are also a couple tracks, the achingly beautiful Robot Command Centre and the title track itself, from the equally excellent Circles EP. As for the new stuff…well it's fair to say that Dark Captain Light Captain haven't exactly sprung any surprises on us here. Still, talk about a winning formula – pitched somewhere between The Beach Boys, Nick Drake, and Caribou, they really have got this melodic, heartfelt, folky pop thing cornered.

As for the new numbers…well Parallel Bars probably finds Dark Captain Light Captain at their most rhythmic with some almost Can-like drumming whilst Remote View opens like one of their more pastoral numbers before a surprisingly meaty drum beat comes in. Questions is one of the more gentle numbers here with the Dark Captain singing "Questions should be asked always" over a Nick Drake-like melody whilst a Bryter Layter-ish piano tinkles away in the background. As that description might suggest, it's lovely.

Speak is another with a more a more muscular beat, but the band balances it with an almost hypnotic quality and, as ever, great harmonies, whilst Spontaneous Combustion is a more stripped back and percussive number. As I've already touched upon, one of the things I love about Dark Captain Light Captain are the harmonies and nowhere are they used to better effect than on Everyone We Know. They really get you there. Miracle Kicker closes with the finger picked title track and it's fair to say that its drawn out, slightly ethereal instrumental outro concludes matters perfectly.

So, congratulations to Dark Captain Light Captain. When something is anticipated this much, there is always the risk of disappointment, but they really have managed to pull it off. Debut albums rarely come this good. And if you like this LP, don't stop here. The tracks that are missing from the earlier releases are well worth checking out.

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