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  Ka and Preservation   Album: Days With Dr. Yen Lo  
  The Karl Hendricks Trio   Album: The Jerks Win Again  
  Kava Kava   Album: Maui  
  Taro Kawasaki   EP: Sing Me a Song  
  Kedr Livanskiy   Album: Ariadna  
  Keller, Greg   Album: Greg Keller Music, Volume 2  
  KEN Mode   Concert: Sat.15.Feb.14  
  The Kenmores   Album: People Ruin Everything  
  Kennedy   Concert: Sun.9.Mar.03  
  Keser   Album: Esoteric Escape  
  Kid Icarus   Album: Maps of the Saints
Album: The Metal West
  Kidney Thieves   Concert: Thu.20.Feb.03  
  Kikagaku Moyo   Album: House In the Tall Grass  
  Killick   Concert: Sat.20.Jan.08  
  Kindling   EP: Galaxies  
  King David   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Wed.16.Mar.11  
  King Flude   Concert:  Fri.21.Jan.05  
  King, Kaki   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Thu.15.Mar.07  
  Kinski   Tryptych appearance: Crickets and Fireflies
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Wed.14.Mar.07
Album: Split Album with Sandrider
  The Kiss Offs   Album: Rock Bottom  
  Kiwanuka, Michael   Album: Home Again  
  Kleine, Christian   Album: Valis  
  Kleppinger, Faith   Concert: Fri.15.Feb.02
Concert: Fri.15.Mar.02
Festival: IG02 on Thu.1.Aug.02
Album: Asleep In The Well
Album: No Galore
Festival Appearance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 2
  The Klezmer Conservatory Band   Concert: Wed.18.Dec.02  
  Knife in the Water   Concert: Wed.22.Jan.03
Album: Cut the Cord
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4
Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar
Album: Reproduction
  Knox, Richard & Frédéric D. Oberland   Album: Rustle of the Stars  
  Knox, Johnny and Hi-test   Concert: Sat.27.July.02  
  Kodaline   Concert: Sun.05.May.2013  
  Kompakt Records   Compilation: Pop Ambient 2003
Compilation: Pop Ambient 2004
  Kontakte   Album: We Move Through Negative Spaces  
  Koop   Album: Waltz for Koop  
  Kora   Remix Album: Kora! Kora! Kora! (remixed by Cabaret Voltaire)  
  Koushik   Concert: Fri.16.Sept.05  
  Kowloon Walled City   Split Album: Lose Lose Lose  
  Mark Kozelek   Album: Rock N Roll Singer  
  Kramer, Anna   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 2  
  Kudzu   Album: Defeated  
  Kylesa   Album: Spiral Shadow
Concert: Fri.21.June.2013
  Labradford   Album: Fixed::Content  
  La Cerca   Album: Sunrise for Everyone  
  Ladder Devils   Split Album: Lose Lose Lose  
  Ladytron   Album:  Velocifero  
  La La Land   Album: Ready? Ready!  
  Lab Partners   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar  
  Laguna   Album: Volcano  
  Lali Puna   Album: Faking the Books  
  Lamb's Laughter   Concert: Sat.2.May.09  
  Dawn Landes   Album: Fireproof  
  Landing   Album: Oceanless
Album: Seasons
As Remixer: Source: Remix by Yellow6
EP: Fade In Fade Out
Compilation appearance: Mass Transfer Installation:05
Tryptych appearance: New Found Land
Concert: Mon.24.Nov.03
Album: Passages Through
Album: Sphere
7": Split EP with Fuxa
Compilation appearance: The Speed By Which We Fall
Album: Brocade
As Remixer: Honved EP by Port-Royal
Album: Landing
EP: Wave Lair
Concert: Fri.9.Aug.13
EP: Third Sight
Album: Complekt
EP: Taeppe
Album: Bells In New Towns
Compilation: Monthly Subscription Series Collection 01
Album: Motionless I-VI
      see also: Surface of Eceyon, Paper, Turning
  Landlady   Festival: Secret Stages 2015 on Fri.31.Jul.2015  
  Landline   Concert: Fri.05.June.2015  
  Lanterna   Concert: Fri.28.Sep.01
Concert: Sat.14.June.03
Concert: Sat.31.July.04
  Larvae   Festival: IG02 on Fri.2.Aug.02
Split 7": Sub:702
  The Last Dance   Conference Performance: Atlantis 2004  
  Last Days   Album: Sea
Album: These Paces Are Now Ruins
  Last Portray   EP: Last Portray  
  Late Bloomer   Album: Things Change  
  Lawnmower   EP: Whack Yer Brain  
  Lawrence Arabia   Concert: Sun.1.Aug.10  
  Lay Down Mains   Concert: Sat.19.Apr.08  
  The Layaways   Album: More Than Happy
Album: We've Been Lost
  Lazer/Wulf   Concert: Fri.21.June.2013
Concert: Fri.04.Apr.2014
  Lazyeyes   EP: Lazyeyes  
  Lea Porcelain   Single: Out Is In  
  The League of Evil   Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, day 1
Concert: Sat.16.Sep.06
  Lee, Greta   Concert: Fri.25.May.01  
  Lee Scratch Perry   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Sat.17.Mar.07  
  Jennifer Left   EP: Black Dog  
  Leftfield   Festival Appearance: Chester Rocks on Sun.3.Jul.11  
  Legend of the Giant Squid   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3  
  Legendary Crystal Chandelier   Concert: Thu.19.Dec.02  
  The Legendary Pink Dots   Album: Your Children Will Placate Your From
            Premature Graves

Concert: Sat.1.Nov.08
  The Leisure Society   Single: The Last of the Melting Snow b/w A Short
          Weekend Begins With Longing
  Lenz, Frank   7": Brothers Who Are Breathing b/w Sexy Sixth  
  Leo, Ted & The Pharmacists   Album: Fri.7.Dec.01  
  Les 7 Mondes   Compilation appearance:  Extrunax Records Sampler  
  Letters   EP: Older Motion Picture  
  Levinhurst   Concert: Fri.6.Aug.04
Album: Perfect Life
  Levit, Rob   Album: Touch the Spirit  
  Lykke Li   Album: Youth Novels  
  The Licentious 5   Concert: Sat.4.June.05
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3
  Lichens   Concert: Sun.13.Apr.08  
  Lifeform:Project   Live Event: Thu.9.Jan.03  
  Light Bearer   Album: Silver Tongue  
  Light Pupil Dilate   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 4 on
  The Lightning Seeds   Festival Appearance: Chester Rocks on Sun.3.Jul.11  
  Lights Out Asia   Album: Tanks and Recognizers  
  Lil Daggers   EP: King Corpse  
  Lila Daze   EP: Sedated  
  Lilja, Tobias   Album: Time Is On My Side  
  Little Big League   Album: These Are Good People
7": split with Ovlov
  Little Wing   Concert: Sat.17.Aug.02  
  Little Tybee   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Thu.17.Mar.11
Concert: Sat.2.Apr.11
  The Liverhearts   Concert: Fri.16.Jul.04
Concert: Sat.28.Aug.04
Concert:  Thu.27.Jan.05
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3
Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, Day 3
Concert: Fri.21.Jul.06
Concert: Sat.2.Feb.08
Concert: Sat.19.Apr.08
Album: Ornament
Concert: Fri.5.Dec.08
Concert: Fri.4.Jan.13
Concert: Fri.23.Jan.15
  Living Room   Concert: Thu.6.Aug.09  
  Locks   Concert: Sat.16.Jul.06  
  Logan, Jack   Concert: Sat.11.Aug.01
  London Plane   Album: New York Howl  
  The Lonely H   Album: Hair  
  Longcut, The   EP: Promo EP
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 3
  The Loom   Album: Teeth  
  Loose Screws   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 1 on
  Loraine   Concert: Fri.15.Feb.13  
  Lord Carrett   Album: Unsweetened  
  Loren, Eric   Album: Soul Migration  
  Loretta   Album: The Translation  
  Lorna   Free Album: Lorna
Album: This Time, Each Year
Album: Static Patterns and Souvenirs
  Los Impostors   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Fri.18.Mar.11  
  Loscil   Album: Triple Point
Album: Submers
Album: First Narrows
Album: Endless Falls
Split LP: Fury and Hecla (with Fieldhead)
Album: Monument Builders
Album: Equivalents
Album: Colours of Air (with Lawrence English)
    see also: Destroyer
  The Lost Patrol   Album: High Noon
Album: Lonesome Sky
Album: Launch and Landing
  Louis XIV   Concert: Fri.11.Jan.08  
  Louisville   Album: A Silent Effort In The Night  
  The Love Drunks   Concert: Thu.28.Oct.04
Concert: Sat.10.Sept.05
  Love Language   Concert: Mon.1.Dec.08  
  Love Tractor   Album: The Sky At Night  
  Lovebettie   Concert: Fri.8.Mar.13  
  Lovecraft   Album: Whistle And I'll Come To You, My Lad  
  Low   Concert: Tue.23.Oct.01
Concert: Thu.4.Feb.16
  Lowsunday   Album: Elesgiem  
  Lucertulas   Album: Tragol De Rova  
  Lucius   Concert: Thurs.18.Oct.2012
Concert: Sat.19.Oct.13
Album: Good Grief
  The Lucksmiths   Album: Why That Doesn't Surprise Me
Album: Naturaliste
  Ludovico Technique, the   Concert: 28.Dec.02  
  Luga   Album: Sending Triangles  
  Luigi   Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04
Concert: Fri.30.Aug.04
Album: Vamonos
Concert: Sat.31.Apr.05
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 2
Album: Found on the Forest Floor
Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, day 1
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2007 - Day 1
Final Concert: Fri.28.Mar.08
     See also: Ultrababyfat
  Lullaby For The Working Class   Album: Song  
  Lumens     Concert: Sun.20.Dec.09  
  Lunachild     Concert: Thu.20.Feb.03  
  Lunar Dunes     Album: From Above
Album: Galaxsea
  Lush     EP: Blind Spot  
  Lust     Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, Day 3  
  Lykke Li     Album: Youth Novels  
  Lyonnais     Concert: Sat.2.May.09  

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