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  split 7"  
  Little Big League / Ovlov  
  Tiny Engines  
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Little Big League are a pop-punk band from Philly. I enjoyed their debut release These Are Good People back in 2013 and was pleased to see a new single show up in my inbox. Okay, true confession, i got this in electronic form, but i think it is a great single. Three catchy tunes from some up and coming bands.

There are two LBL songs on the A-side (i guess). First is Year Of The Sunhouse, a typical LBL song of jangly guitars and head-bopping rhythms. I like Michelle Zauner's voice here as she sings about playing shows in houses. Catchy meta indie rock.

Their second track is Pure Bliss Choices and for some reason i kept reading the first word as POOR not PURE. "Poor Bliss Choices" is an excellent name for a song / band / album / whatever you want to use it for. (And you're welcome!) Anyway, this is a little lo-fi for them. The guitars are murky and Zauner's voice is a little distorted. Itís still catchy, but not their best work.

The B-side gives us The Great Crocodile by Ovlov who are from Newtown, Connecticut. Apparently they are a Dinosaur, Jr. influenced band. Okay -- must be something in the water up there in New England. Anyway, this is really cool and catchy. The guitarist has a kind of whiney voice and the guitars are distorted and all over the place while the drumming is loud and the whole thing is kind of messy and just hurls itself forward. And for about five minutes while it is doing that, that is pretty much all you need. Great tune! I want to hear more from this band.

You can listen to the two Little Big League tracks on their BandCamp, but for some reason Ovlov do not have this track on theirs. However, you can listen to the whole release on YouTube.

A fun little release.

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