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Brothers Who Are Breathing b/w Sexy Sixth

  Frank Lenz  

ABC Group Documentation

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This 7" was sent to me by The Republic of Texas record label in the same package as the latest Hammock EP. I listened to it a few times and wondered why they would have sent this along. Basically, Mr. Lenz is an earnest singer-songwriter. His songs are all heartfelt vocals sung with a slight southern twang to the voice, backed by strummed guitar, pianowork, and minimal drumming.

The A-side reminds me of Van Morrison in the organ/piano bit (as well as the monotonous rhythm), while the voice sounds like someone from the 70s that my parents liked. I am drawing a total blank on the artist name -- maybe James Taylor. One of those people with a mid-range voice. It's not a bad tune, but not that spectacular for its genre either.

The B-side, Sexy Sixth, is somewhat more interesting. It starts with the piano, played, i think, by Lenz's colleague, F. Cokely. It is played under a lot of distortion, not like IDM, but rather it sounds like the amp the piano is playing under is about to explode. Then the song goes all wobbly, and the drums, guitar, and voice come in. Here Lenz is singing with a hint of echo, and the rhythm moves along nicely. This is a happy, pop tune, and rather pleasant at that. Good stuff.

Overall though, well, i'm not so into the singer-songwriter genre. From what little i know of this type of stuff, Lenz does nothing to distinguish himself in the genre. I do find the B-side to be rather enjoyable, but it's not spectacular for this type of music.

So why did RoT send me this 7" in the promo pack? Well, as i was writing this review after several listens, i looked for the label name, and i saw that ABC Group Documentation (strange name for a label) is actually located in the same Atlanta suburb that i live in. They are on Mallory Road, and that sounds really familiar to me. I think i know someone else who lives near or on Mallory Road. What an odd coincidence. Did RoT forward me a promo of this, seeing as i live near the label? This all makes me wonder if Mr. Lenz is a local artist. I have never heard his name before, so he doesn't play around the East Atlanta/Cabbagetown/Midtown clubs that i frequent. Still, i wonder.... Anyway, one thing i will say to my neighbors at the ABC Group Documentation label is that the speed is plainly marked on both sides of the 7". Thank you.

Overall this is not the most spectacular release i have heard, but it is not the worst either.

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