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2011 was not a great year for touring bands, but it was a good year for recorded music.

Also, this is the year that EvilSponge began reviewing books, for your reading pleasure.




What Happened?

     Album: Travel Book by Arpline
     Album: Flouresence by Asobi Seksu
     Album: Bring The Exhibits, Part The Second of Four: Golden The Ship Was -
                   Oh! Oh! Oh
by Dressed In Wires
     Album: Forge a New Noize by Gestalt
     Album: The Rustle of the Stars by Richard Knox & Frédéric D. Oberland
     Album: We Move Through Negative Spaces by Kontakte
     Album: Exitudes by Saso
     Album: Corner of the World by Solus3
     Album: A Winged Victory For the Sullen by A Winged Victory For the Sullen
     Concert: TIJUANA HERCULES w/ with Superpill on Friday.18.November.2011
     Concert: TODAY THE MOON, TOMORROW THE SUN w/ New Terminus on
     Novel: Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm

     Album: N-Plants by Biosphere
     Album: Native Speaker by Braids
     Album: Mountain Smashers by By Surprise
     Album: Our Future Selves by Shuteye Unison
     Novel: Shipbreaker by Paolo Bacigalupi
     Novel: Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llyweyln
     Novel: Mad Kestral by Misty Massey
     Novel: The Flanders Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte

     Album: Dead Legs & Alibis by Dark Captain
     Album: September Sun by Grimble Grumble
     Album: The Crooked Debut Of... by Michele Bombatomica
     Album: Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kitsumi by Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kitsumi
     Album: Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier by Sun Airway
     EP: Invsible White by Ancestors
     EP: Corpse King by Lil Daggers
     EP: Beau Celeste by Rx Gibbs
     EP: Frozen Trees by Wing and Hollow

     Album: Invitation by Dominant Legs
     Concert: DOMINANT LEGS w/ Sunglasses on Friday.7.October.2011
     Novel: Good Night, Mr. Holmes by Carole Nelson Douglas
     Novel: Imager by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
     Novel: Wizards' Country by Daphne Rooke
     Novel: The Stormy Petrel by Mary Stewart

     Album: Undeveloped by Ohgr

     Album: Inner Firmaments Decay by All Over Everywhere
     Album: Bears by Diamond Gloss
     Album: Grizzzy Bear by Grizzzy Bear
     Album: The Stone Turntable by Transglobal Underground
     Concert: THE NIGHTINGALES on Friday.27.May.2011
     Concert: WILD SWANS on Saturday.11.June.2011
     Concert: SUPERCHUNK w/ The Dodos and Times New Viking on Thursday.6.September.2011
     Concert: BRAIDS w/ Pepper Rabbit and Painted Palms on Saturday.10.September.2011
     EP: Brothers In Law by Brothers In Law
     Festival: CHESTER ROCKS featuring Tommy Scott & the Red Scare, The Lightning Seeds, Feeder,
                 The Suzukis, Shaun William Ryder, Owls*, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Amsterdam, Iggy
                 and the Stooges, Leftfield
on Sunday.3.July.2011
     Novel: Across the Nightingale Floor: The Sword of the Warrior by Lian Hearn

     Album: Heres Where the Strings Come In by Superchunk
     Album: Indoor Living by Superchunk
     Album: Come Pick Me Up by Superchunk
     EP: Laughter Guns by Superchunk
     Novel: Come the Night by Susan Krinard
     Special Announcement: The review immediately above is two types of new for EvilSponge. Not only is it our first ever book review, but it is the first review penned by Archen. Welcome her to the family, and look for more book reviews in the future.

     Album: Breaking Hearts by Rah Rah
     Album: Foolish by Superchunk
     Album: Compact Disc by SWTHRT
     Compilation: Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91) by Superchunk
     Compilation: Incidental Music 1991-95 by Superchunk

     Album: No Pocky For Kitty by Superchunk
     Album: On the Mouth by Superchunk

     Album: Whistle And I'll Come To You, My Lad by Lovecraft
     Album: Superchunk by Superchunk
     Band Info: Superchunk
     Concert: ARCHERS OF LOAF w/ David Dondero and Cobra Horse on Friday.22.July.2011
     Concert: ARCHERS OF LOAF w/ Electric Owls and Fan Modine on Saturday.23.July.2011
     EP Download: What Happened To Your Fire, Tiger? by What Happened To Your Fire, Tiger?

     Album: All the Nations Airports by Archers of Loaf
     Album: White Trash Heroes by Archers of Loaf
     Album: Sit Resist by Laura Stevenson and the Cans
     Concert: THE FLAMING LIPS w/ British Sea Power and OK Go on Saturday.2.July.2011
     Download: Machines The Listened, a remix compilation of tracks by The Delta Mirror

     Album: Blueprints by Celluloid
     Album: Tragol De Rova by Lucertulas
     Compilation: The Speed of Cattle by Archers of Loaf
     Download: A Pulsating History by Maps and Diagrams
     EP: Love and Found by Backseat Dreamer
     EP: Start Stop by Fava Beats

     Album: Going Steady by Rah Rah
     EP: Girls by We All Have Hooks For Hands

     Album: Vs. The Greatest of All Time by Archers of Loaf
     Album: Vee Vee by Archers of Loaf
     Album: Take Time by Jupiter Watts
     Album: Watch Me Fall by Jay Reatard
     Album: Guilty Rainbow by Roommate
     Announcement: The Jay Reatard review might be for a slightly older record, but it represents
            the first work here for new Minion Infinity Milk. Make him welcome folks.

     Concert: WHITE LIES w/ Asobi Seksu and Sun Airway on Saturday.21.May.2011

     Album: Raptureland by Alphabet Saints
     Album: Icky Mettle by Archers of Loaf
     Album: Bordeaux by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd
     Album: Galaxsea by Lunar Dunes
     Album: With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields by Sleeping Dog
     Concert: DURAN DURAN on Monday.4.April.2011
     Concert: ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN w/ Jungle on Thursday.5.May.2011

     Concert: BRITISH SEA POWER w/ A Classic Education on Sunday.17.April.2011
     Concert: JUPITER WATTS w/ What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger? and Spirits on
     EP: Bible Belt by Dry the River

     Album: Ternary by Sorry No Ferrari
     Concert: LITTLE TYBEE w/ Venice Is Sinking and Do It To Julia on Saturday.2.April.2011
     Concert: THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART w/ Twin Shadow and Gold-Bears on

     It's finally here: the gripping conclusion to our SxSW 2011 adventure.
     Festival: SxSW11 - Saturday 19 March

     Festival: SxSW11 - Friday 18 March

     Festival: SxSW11 - Thursday 17 March

     Well, we are back after a month off, just in time for my birrthday! Indeed, today is the 11th anniversary of EvilSponge.org appearing on the internet. Ahh, i remember it like it was yesterday....
     Today starts a special treat for you, oru readers. I sent my Minions of South by SouthWest, and they have written a very long narrative of their experience. Today is but the first installment. Stay tuned for more to come.

     Festival: SxSW11 - Introduction
     Festival: SxSW11 - Tuesday 15 March
     Festival: SxSW11 - Wednesday 16 March

     Album: FM Arcade by The Canon Logic
     Album: You Are the One I Pick by Felix
     Album: Drowned In Light by Manual
     Album: Movements by Mingle
     Album: Um, Uh Oh by Say Hi
     Quote:All of you emo kiddies don't really know the gnawing fear of having a senile, doddering old freak, a man whose best qualification for leading the free world was co-starring with a chimpanzee, holding the keys to your utter annihilation!

     Album: Tempodotanto by André Carvalho
     Album: Guider by Disappears
     Concert: THE CHURCH on Tuesday.22.February.2011
     EP: Devadesi by Death Kit
     Quote: Here's a hint for you kids: all that early punk was about heroin.

     Album: This Love Lasts Time by Bell Horses
     Album: As a Floating Insect Mass Breaks Your Fall by James Brewster
     Album: Backyard by Dirk Da Davo
     Album: Magic Bullets by Magic Bullets
     Album: Profitandloss by Nerdkween
     Album: The Sad Machine by The Singular
     Concert: JULIAN COPE w/ David Wrench on Tuesday.14.December.2010
     Concert: ROXY MUSIC on Sunday.30.January.2011
     EP: Secret Serf by Tape Deck Mountain
     Quote: You know it's going to be a wierd night when your first view of "the show" is of women (barely) clad in RenFest Barbarian Wear doing the bump-n-grind to Tom Petty's American Girl. At that point, just grab a seat by the bar and sit back and observe the spectacle.

     7": Stilyagi b/w Medved to Bedved by Puro Instinct
     Album: Drawing Down the Moon by Azure Ray
     Concert: THE VENABLES w/ Sharks and Minnows on Friday.21.January.2011
     EP: Eee Pee by The Sexbots
     EP: How the Ship Goes Down by Whalers
     Quote: You've got to like any CD with a picture of a cat on the back. More specifically,
               a cat that looks just like mine.

     7": Talking Fiction by Gold Motel
     Album: Southern Rescue Trails by North Elementary
     Album: Distance by Tears Run Rings
     Best Of Lists: Fyno mentions funny phrases.
     Quote: ACK! Let's play How-Much-Of-Bjork's-Nostril-Can-I-Fit-On-The-Screen, Mr. Lars!

Happy 2011, gentle readers. As is traditionaly, we have gathered together our thoughts on the year 2010 for your reading pleasure.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner talks music.
     Best Of Lists: Inspector Jason tells us which songs, albums, and films that he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Malimus lists some records he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Mr. Pharmacist discusses music for the middle aged.
     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan discusses music in many formats, and movies.


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