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2010 was not the best year for music, especially live music as The Minions felt compelled to venture out less often. Lots of great records though.




What's New?

Happy 2011, gentle readers. As is traditionaly, we have gathered together our thoughts on the year 2010 for your reading pleasure.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner talks music.
     Best Of Lists: Inspector Jason tells us which songs, albums, and films that he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Malimus lists some records he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Mr. Pharmacist discusses music for the middle aged.
     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan discusses music in many formats, and movies.

     Album: Lasted by Benoit Pioulard
     Album: When the Chorus Walks Again by Brookhaven
     Album: The Dead Sea by The Dead Sea
     Album: It Goes, It Goes (Forever and Ever) by Halves
     Album: Spiral Shadow by Kylesa
     Album: Work Tapes by Thinking Machines

     Album: North by Darkstar
     Album: Calling Out Your Name Again by Darren Haymen & The Secondary Modern
     Album: The Sky Above the Roof by Solus 3
     Album: The Waves by Tamaryn
     Album: Finds You In Love by Jen Wood
     Concert: GRINDERMAN on Wednesday.29.September.2010
     Concert: OCTOPUS PROJECT w/ Starfucker and Spectralux on Saturday.2.October.2010
     Quote: One man's Meatloaf is another man's "Poison", unless you actually happen to be Alice Cooper, in which case it isn't. Are you with me?

     Album: Fission by Film School
     Album: Volcano by Laguna
     Album: Church With No Magic by PVT
     Concert: FILM SCHOOL w/ Million Young and Siberia My Sweet on Saturday.25.September.2010
     Quote: It also sounds like something I would run screaming from while randomly hurling extra
copies of Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath records behind me like some metal-head ninja warrior on
the lamb from the Yakuza.

     Album: High Places vs. Mankind by High Places
     Album: The Infinite Definitive by Unknown Component
     Concert: BALMORHEA on Sunday.12.September.2010
     EP: Glint EP by Glint
     EP: Pearl Harbor by Puro Instinct
     EP: Exquisite Corpse by Warpaint
     Quote: I mean, i like the Velvet Underground okay and all, but really people -- there were albums released after White Light/White Heat, and some of them are even good!

     7": split 7" by D-W/L-SS and JBe
     7": Ears to the Ground b/w Heavy Independent Blues by Ice Black Birds
     Album: David G. Cox by David G. Cox
     Album: Uncity Nation by International Hyper Rhythmique
     Album: How To Live by Seeland
     Quote: The other two acts could been attacked by Klingons and i wouldn't care....

     Concert: ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI w/ Magic Kids and Puro Instinct on Friday.30.July.2010
     Concert: CROWDED HOUSE w/ Lawrence Arabia on Sunday.1.August.2010
     EP: Journal of Ardency by Class Actress
     Quote: Actually, to be more precise, they were LOUD-OUD-OUD-OUD-OUD.
     (You Might notice that the above is a new feature for us. Well, after re-reading the entire site in the first half of this month, I have decided to post some great, funny quotes from older reviews with each regularly scheduled biweekly content posting. The quote is linked to the review it came from. Enjoy.)

    Happy Birthday to me, again. Well, actually, this is a continuation of the EvilSponge 10th Anniversary. You see, it was 10 April 2000 that this website first debuted on the WWW, but it was on 13 August 2000 that the flow of reviews began. For those first four months, EvilSponge had a smattering of half0formed reivews, and a few different designs. But on 13 August, 10 years ago today gentle reader, we began our regular postings.
      In order to celebrate, we have prepared some links for you. Please, dear reader, delve with us into the past of EvilSponge, storied, sordid, and otherwise.
PART 1: Baby Pictures (our first reviews). Here are the first reviews by each Minion. Aren't they cute at that age?
  bill E. joel: Album: Under the Waterline by Hinterlinand
  Brett Spaceman: Album: Film School by Film School
  Brillo: Album: All That You Can't Leave Behind by U2
  Dilletante In Distress: Concert: THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS w/ Echo & The Bunnymen and Glide
on Thu.15.Nov.01
  Fyno: TV Movie: Live From Baghdad
  Gooner: Concert: HOOD w/ cLOUDEAD and DNTel in LA on Wed.27.Mar.02
  Gumdrop: Album: Promised Land by Dar Williams
  Indoor Miner: EP: Promo EP by The Longcut
  Inspector Jason: Album: Velocifero by Ladytron
  K-Tron: Concert: INTERPOL w/ Blonde Redhead on Mon.21.Mar.05
  Kharybdis: Album: Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home by Angels of Light
  Lawton: Album: Telegraphs in Negative / Mouths Trapped in Static by Set Fire to Flames
  Madd: Concert: SWIL live in Oregon on Fri.10.Sep.04
  Malimus: Albums: 3 Live Records by Archers of Loaf, Built To Spill, and The Drive-By Truckers
  Mediahostage: Album: Cedars by Clearlake
  Mr. Pharmachist: Album: Rejoicing in the Hands by Devandra Banhart
  Once A Punk: Album: Send by Wire
  PostLibyan: Album: The For Carnation by The For Carnation
  Priestess: Film: But I'm a Cheerleader
  Rashomon: Festival: Drive Invasion 2004
  SilverGeek: Film: Dancer In The Dark
  Sparklehonkey: Album: Black From the Dead by Black From the Dead
  Squid: Film: Chocolat
  Thomas Miner: Album: Noisy Songs for Noisy Kids by Thunderlords
  Tracers: Album: Knee Deep by Cafeteria
  Our first "group" review: Concert: WRAS benefit on Fri.18.Jan.01
  Our first promo, reviewed: Villa Claustrophobia by Tanakh
  Our first review of a download: Free EP by The Fairburn Royals
Part 2: Best Of. I love all of my Minions equally, but some reviews are better than others. Here are my favorite reviews by each of the reviewers who have been with this Zine for a time.
  Brett Spaceman: EP: The City / E.P. by Carrie & The Oslo Deadtrash Project
  Brillo: Compilation: Land by Patti Smith 
  Indoor Miner: Album: Profile by Githead
  Inspector Jason: Album: Lifelike by The Rosebuds
  K-Tron: Album: Goo (Deluxe Edition) by Sonic Youth
  Lawton: Album: Paper Tigers by Caesars
  Madd: Concert: SWIL live in Oregon on Fri.10.Sep.04
  Malimus: Concert: THE ROCK*A*TEENS w/ The Glands and 8-Track Gorilla on Sat.7.Oct.2000
  Mediahostage: Album: Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle and Sebastien
  Mr. Pharmachist: Album: Rejoicing in the Hands by Devandra Banhart
  Once A Punk: Album: Send by Wire
  PostLibyan: Album: This Is Not a Film by Underwater
  Priestess: Film: Quills
  SilverGeek: Film: Y To Mama Tambien
  Sparklehonkey: Album: Black From the Dead by Black From the Dead
  Squid: Film: The Count of Monte Cristo
  Tracers: Concert: SUPERCHUNK w/ Spoon on Fri.23.Feb.01
  Group Review: Festival: Other Sound 2007 - Day 4 on Sun.9.Sep.07
Part 4: Meta. We actually can be pretty deep at times. On this page I have gathered together some of our deeper thoughts about what we do.
Part 5: One Liners. Sometimes we come up with hilarious things to say. This page lists some of our funniest moments.
In Summary. Well, gentle reader, that about wraps it up for our 10th Anniversary. I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have.

     Album: Intriguer by Crowded House
     Album: Chasing After Shadows ... Living with the Ghosts by Hammock
     Album: A Silent Effort In the Night by Louisville
     Album: Walls by Walls
     EP: Dagger Paths by Forest Swords

     Album: Is Last by Faust
     Album: Koyo by Junkboy
     Concert: SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS on Thursday.8.July.2010
     Concert: VENICE IS SINKING w/ The Caribbean on Saturday.10.July.2010

     Album: Interloper by Carbon Based Lifeforms
     Album: Honeysky by Guitar
     Album: Tearing Down Paisley Garden by The Purrs
     Album: As the House ... by This Piano Plays Itself
     Album: Sand & Lines by Venice Is Sinking
     Album: Church of the Haunted South by The Winter Sounds

     Album: Oversteps by Autechre
     Album: No Rest by Christy & Emily
     Album: Gute Luft by Thomas Fehlmann
     Album: Summer House by Gold Motel
     Album: Endless Falls by Loscil
     Concert: FAUST on Thursday.13.May.2010
     Concert: THE DAMNED w/ Eddie Ten Pole on Saturday.5.June.2010
     Concert: MAGNAPOP w/ The Polar Dunes and The Water Lions on Saturday.11.June.2010

     Album: Find a Place To Be Safe by Collapse Under the Empire
     Album: The Sirens Sound by Collapse Under the Empire
     Album: An Examination of Being by Order of Ennead
     Album: Abuse by Wormrot
     Concert: JUPITER WATTS w/ The Good Graces on Friday.21.May.2010
     Concert: THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS w/ She Wants Revenge on Saturday.29.May.2010

     Album: Qua by Cluster
     Album: Monomyth by Fin Fang Foom
     Album: From the Ground Up by Shady Bard
     Concert: BEACH HOUSE w/ Washed Out on Thursday.29.April.2010
     Concert: IGGY AND THE STOOGES w/ Suicide on Sunday.2.May.2010
     EP: Disclosure by RxGibbs

     Album: There Is Love In You by Four Tet
     Concert: THE CHURCH on Saturday.1.May.2010

     Album: Brave the Elements by Lost Idol
     EP: War Sucks by Spectrum

     Album: A Parable On The Aporia Of Vengeance And The Beauty Of Impenetrable Sadness
               by A Death Cinematic
     Album: Haunt the Upper Hallways by The Declining Winter
     Album: Further On by Warning Light
     Concert: THE DECLINING WINTER on Saturday.13.Feb.2010
     Concert: THE MERCURY PROGRAM w/ Fin Fang Foom on Thursday.18.Mar.2010

     Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday EvilSponge, happy birthday to me! Believe it or not, today marks the Tenth Anniversary of EvilSponge. Yes, way back in 2000 we posted our first presence on the internet. In order to celebrate, we have a special posting for you today.
     Danger: Ever wonder why music critics here don't use their real names?
     Essay: Malimus has prepared an essay about his experience in music during our first decade.
     Essay: PostLibyan has prepared an essay on the history and nature of EvilSponge.
     List: Indoor Minor lists "25 Great Albums of the Decade"
     List: Indoor Minor lists "100 Great Songs of the Decade"
     List: Several Minions list "Records that Are Never Far From the Stereo"
     List: Several Minion collect a hodge-podge of interesting and humorous anecdotes.
     Photo: Have you ever wondered what we look like? Here is an EvilSponge family photo to satisfy your curiousity.
     Social Networking: FaceBook pages have been created for Brendan, your humble editor, as well as a fan page for Evilsponge.org in general, complete with an area for discussions!
     Statistics: Here is a list of our top three reviews of all time, as well as a breakdown of some statistics on our web use.   

     Album: Automatic Movements by Everything Is Made In China
     Concert: THE NIGHTINGALES w/ Hotpants Romance and Guilty Pleasures of the Snow
on Saturday.13.Feb.2010
     EP: Gold Motel EP by Gold Motel

     Album: In This Light and On This Evening by Editors
     Album: Smack by Neon Judgement
     Album: 11:11 by Rodrigo y Gabriela
     Album: Instant Everything, Constant Nothing by Untied States
     Concert: TORTOISE w/ Disappears on Sunday.14.Feb.2010

     Album: Sound to Light by Channel One
     Concert: RETRIBUTION GOSPEL CHOIR w/ Jupiter Watts on Saturday.6.Feb.2010
     EP: Heavyweight Champions by Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

     Album: Constellations by Balmorhea
     Album: Wildlife by Headlights
     EP: Take Us By Sea by Tealights

     Photography Restructuring: Some things went on behind the scenes today folks. You might
           have noticed that over the last few years, EvilSponge has started doing more and more
           concert photography. Well, when we started doing so we had no plan on how to organize
           the photos on the server, and eventually this lack of structure became unwieldy. So today
           all photos have been organized into folders based on calendar year. This will not affect
           you, our loyal readers, but quite a few bloggers have linked to our photos, and they will
           need to adjust their links accordingly. I apologize for any incovenience, but it does bring |
           us to something we have needed to post here for a while.
     Photographic Legal Disclaimer: All photographs on this site remain the legal property of the
           photographer. You make link to these photos on your own website, but please give credit
           to the photographer, or a link back to the page on EvilSponge where you originally found
           the photograph. If you are the subject of a photograph, feel free to contact the
           photographer for higher resolution versions of what you see here. Likewise, if you wish
           to use some photo for purposes other than posting on your blog, please contact the
           photographer. A link to their email is included in each review.

     Album: Wish You Well by The Orphins
     Concert: THE PURKINJE SHIFT w/ Lumens on Sunday.20.Dec.2009
     EP: The Rise by The Atomic Square
     Single: The Last of the Melting Snow b/w A Short Weekend Begins With Longing
               by The Leisure Society

Another year over and done with. We have gathered together our thoughts on the year 2009 for your reading pleasure.
     Best Of Lists: Brett Spaceman of [sic] magazine lists some records that he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner talks music.
     Best Of Lists: Inspector Jason tells us which songs, albums, films, and concerts he enjoyed.
     Best Of Lists: Malimus discusses some records he loved, yet somehow never got around
                        to reviewing for this site.

     Best Of Lists: Mr. Pharmacist discusses music for the middle aged.
     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan discusses the music in many formats, and movies.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers talks records.
This is the tenth year that we have done such lists. How time flies.


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