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Ears to the Ground b/w Heavy Independent Blues


Ice Black Birds



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Ice Black Birds are a young band from Brighton, England who emailed their debut single to EvilSponge. This is, apparently, a digital single only, as i can find no evidence online that there is a physical 7" record. No matter.

The A-side, Ears to the Ground is built around a funky bass riff and some shouted vocals. Nice enough, but then a guitar will chime in every once in a while. Imagine if Gang of Four had veered off in the direction of playing Sly and The Family Stone covers. This song is a fusion of post-punk guitars and deep funky bass, which is an oddly engaging fusion, but one that i am not sure i would have liked just reading about it. This is a fine tune though, and I find that the juxtaposition works.

The B-side is Heavy Independent Blues, and it starts with a lovely chiming guitar riff which instant reminds me of Magic Bullets. The vocalist is singing soul here, and his voice is vaguely reminiscent of that other band as well. This tune moves at a slower pace than the A-side, but is a nice emotive tune. At the halfway mark, the band kicks it into high gear, really sawing away at their instruments as the vocalist spits his words out with vehemence. Good stuff.

So, two good songs in about seven minutes, which is not bad for a debut single. I am curious to see what this band does next, but as of now they have my interest.

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