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Glint EP



  Rely Records  
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Glint are a New York City based electro rock act. They sent us this EP for review, and as i researched how you, our faithful readers, could get this EP (if you are so inclined), i discovered that there is a strange dissonance in how you can obtain it. You see, Glint are giving the EP away on their website, free to you if you supply some marketing info to them. Alternately, you can pay $4.95 at iTunes if you would rather have your privacy compromised by a faceless corporation rather than unscrupulous wannabe rock stars. That is a rather odd choice to have to make.

Glint is a five piece act, but the vocalist is the main attraction here. Jase Blankfort has a high-pitched yet rich voice. He knows how to use his voice too, and this elevates Glint above their hard-rock contemporaries. Let's examine the five songs on this EP.

Things kick off with Kernal Panic in which high-pitched keyboards whine against guitars, until Blankfort comes in. His voice, here, reminds me of Mew, a sort of forceful, big stage howl. This is a tense start to the EP. Freak continues the same vibe and tempo, but adds a nice jam toward the end, with the synths noodling away while the guitars crunch.

On Hold Still Blankfort changes up his phrasing, with less long drawn out notes, and more of a spoken pattern, which really makes him sounds like Mike Patton. I keep expecting him to chant "WHAT! IS! THIS!" on the chorus, but instead on the chorus he sings with some tremolo in his voice. This is actually a nice contrast, especially when coupled with the keyboards, which seem leftover from some early 1990s rave tune. Mike Patton plus The Sabres of Paradise is a pretty strange, mix, but throw in some distorted guitar and it actually works pretty well. This is my favorite tune on the EP.

Glint kick of Friends with a spacey key intro before indulging in some supple bass and machine beats. Eventually a guitar line comes in, keyboards dominate this tune, making it seem almost like Project Skyward, only with angrier guitars.

The fifth and final song on the EP is called Damaged Goods, and to be honest, i was kind of expecting this to be a cover of the Gang of Four song. Instead, this is another electro pop tune like the others on this EP. It is pretty good i guess, but it is no Gang of 4. It's kind of like titling your song Hey Jude and then not having it sounds anything at all like The Beatles... Still, it's a decent, once you move past the title.

At any rate, the EP is a pretty interesting blend of electro and hard rock tunes. This is apparently their debut release, although they promise on their website that they are recording an LP. I wonder where the LP will take them, and if I can get it for free for supplying personal information to the band?

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