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split 7"

  D-W/L-SS and JBe  
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This interesting little single came to EvilSponge in digital format. This means that i cannot speak to the physical product, but oh well.

The A-Side of this split release is credited to D-W/Ll-SS, which is a collaboration between members of Disappears, White/Light, and Steve Shelley (drummer in Sonic Youth). Their tune is called Salem and it channels the spirit of Spaceman 3, or maybe The Stratford 4. Hmm.... After typing up that comparison, i realize that this band needs a "5" in their name. Anyway, what i mean here is that this song consists of light tapped drums along with a male voice yelling somewhere in the distance, echoed and surreal. This is couple with two layers of guitar, one tremoloed and the other whiny and fuzzy. It is a good, old fashioned, psychedelic tune.

The B-side here is by the band JBe, who is, per the press release, from Austin. This side is more country/folk and less psychedelic, and features two tunes. The first piece is called Weight, and is based on a tinkling piano and a voice speaking quietly in the foreground. There are occasional horn hits, strings, brushed drums, and plucked guitar, but the centerpiece of this song is the piano, which plays a lilting, happy melody. I don't normally enjoy things this close to Bonnie Prince Billy, but this is a good mellow tune. JBe also give us Glass Doors which is about a minute of unfocused noise. And by "unfocused noise", i mean that the press release calls this an "improvised track". There is a piano plucking along with some strange percussion that sounds like various band members were shaking whatever containers of dry goods they found in the kitchen. Whatever. I find this type of thing pretentious and irritating for the most part, but at least this example is short.

Overall, this is a pretty good little single. I doubt that it will blow anyone's mind, but it is enjoyably listenable.

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