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  Goodbye The Flower White  
  Seeland Susumo Yokota  
  Loaf Recordings Lo Records  
Release Date:
  27.April.2009 4.May.2009  
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

Taken from Tomorrow Today, Seeland's hugely enjoyable recent album, Goodbye is the one that opens with a Velvet Underground-like intro before veering off into Stereolab territory. And like pretty much all of the album, it's left field pop of the highest order. It's not just the completists who need to get their mitts on this CD single though. The extra track, the previously unreleased Tears Of An Architect is a ten and half minute nugget that is part Get Carter, part Krautrock (in the atmospheric sense of the word rather than the motorik). It's a corker!

And not content with releasing some of the best music you'll hear this year, Seeland have also remixed a track for their label mate Susumo Yokota. A Flower White is a track that was originally a beautifully haunting highlight of Yokota's Mother album earlier this year, but in Seeland's hands, it almost sounds like some long lost sixties girl-group gem. Montag's remixes of Love Tendrilises are well worth a listen, too. Indeed, the instrumental version which closes the EP is a thing of real beauty with a touch of Forbidden Colours about it.

Yet more proof that last year's Dark Captain Light Captain releases on Loaf were no fluke. Indeed, Loaf/Lo is arguably the best label in the UK at the moment.

6 sponges for each.

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