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  The Kids Are All Wrong  
  My Favorite  
  Double Agent  
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Here we are at the third and final installment of My Favorite's trilogy of EPs about Joan of Arc. I have previously reviewed volume 2 here, and found it to be quite nice moody new wave pop that reminds me of my teenage suburban years. This EP is very similar. The tone is the same, and the general themes seem to be pretty much the same (loneliness, teen akwardness, etc.) The big difference is in production style: the last EP was somewhat raw, whereas this EP is very highly polished. I almost want to say it is too slick. Almost. At any rate, there are 4 songs.

The first is Burning Hearts, which might be the longest My Favorite song to date (6 minutes!). This song is also the most New Ordery thing they have ever done. I mean, they normally sound kind of like New Order, but this tune -- wow, is that Hook and Sumner playing there, along with Ms. Vaughn? It really sounds like Low Life-era New Order. There is the same sort of upbeat poppiness to the song. On the whole, this is good stuff.

The Radiation is a slower and less sunshiney song. I think it is supposed to be about living in a post-apocalyptic world (the phrase "Let's go out in the radiation" is repeated), and the tune features a nice dominant piano riff, synthesized strings, and light guitarwork. The vocals here are nice: Grace taking the lead, and Vaughn adding a nice backing bit.

My Favorite return to the sunshiney pop world with Rescue Us. I love the guitarwork here: it's all echoey arpeggios, very Felt-like, and quite nicely done. The drumming also has a deep primal sound to it, very new-wave. Overall, this is a happy tremolo-fest, and is quite good.

Finally, things end with The Lesser Saints. This track seems to be almost a repeat of John Dark (A Simulation), the final track on the Cult of One, since both tunes are constructed out of piano and distorted vocals. However, this time around the whole things seems more ... "focused". I dunno exactly what, but this in this case the overall effect seems more complete than the last time. It's a decent song.

Overall, i like this EP. It's great New Wave music. Man, if My Favorite had been doing this in 1986 they would have been playing stadiums! Nowadays i just don't know how big their audience is. I really like this sound, but i know that some people really don't. (For example, fellow Minion Malimus would hate this.) Still, it's good pop music.

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