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RUVOLO w/ The Jupiter Watts and Children's Suffrage Movement






East Atlanta , GA

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These days, in the post Echo Lounge closing world, it seems as if Atlanta shows are either all touring bands, or all local bands. We used to get a good mix at any given show -- a touring band or two and then locals to round out the bill. But with one less venue, things have changed. There are fewer gigs available to local bands, so i guess they take what they can get. Thus, on the Sunday before the Memorial Day holiday, we went to The EARL to catch a trio of local acts.

Up first was Children's Suffrage Movement. This was actually their first show ever, so i took their performance with a grain of salt. That said, for a brand new band, they really weren't too bad. They are a four piece band with three guitarists, two of whom also sang, and a drummer. Their guitar sound tended towards the loud, heavily distorted style descended from My Bloody Valentine, and it created a really righteous guitar drone which i rather enjoyed. However, the weakest part of their performance was the vocals. Neither vocalist was particularly great, and they both seemed kind of shy in their singing. This is probably a direct result of them being a new band, so perhaps their vocals with improve with confidence, and time. Overall though, i enjoyed their set: it was loud, dissonant, and good.

The next band up tonight was The Jupiter Watts, who have been playing around Atlanta for a while, but whom i had never seen. Apparently they are normally (or maybe formerly) a four-piece, but they were down a bassist this evening. Instead, the two vocalist/guitarist members took turns playing bass, normally when they were singing. Their sound is a really catchy pop that rocks out a bit. Live, they reminded me of that Slow Jets record i reviewed a while back, and i found my toe tapping along with their rhythms while i followed their guitar lines. Their sound is rather big -- it really filled The EARL -- and yet it is crisp, clean, and somewhat minimalist. There are no unnecessary notes, and not a lot of power chording. Very enjoyable, and The Jupiter Watts have been added to my list of local bands to watch out for.

Finally, the evening ended with local band Ruvolo. This is a five piece act, including two guitarists, a drummer, a bassist, and a keyboardist who also plays saxophone. I have seen Ruvolo perform a few times now, and they keep improving. I guess that they practice a lot, and it really shows. They have a clear, indie rock sound, with a bit of psychedelia thrown in by the sax/keys. Tonight they started with a long, Spiritualized influenced droner, including a long period of sax and echoed guitar. Rather nice, if you like that kind of stuff. The rest of their set was catchier, with nice bass riffage from Jared Welsh, and strong drumming. The other three members make some chaotic noise over that great rhythm section. It seems like there is a lot going on in many of their songs, but it never seems messy or overdone. I suppose that this was most noticeable tonight, following the sparseness of The Jupiter Watts. At any rate, i found Ruvolo to be enjoyable. They have some interesting things going on, and i am curious to see how they continue to develop.

Overall, this was a fun, low key night of local scenesters hanging out, chatting, and enjoying some fun music. Very enjoyable.

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