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  The Knitting Factory  
  Los Angeles, CA  
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The underground hype on this Icelandic group has been going on for what seems like years, so many people were extremely excited about this show. Including myself. With the success of label mates and countrymen Sigur Ros, FatCat Records UK seems to be very much on the right track.

With all of the hype, The Knitting Factory was, of course, packed. The crowd seemed to be mostly genuine music fans (no leather jackets or stiletto's here!), which was a welcome change.

A couple of opening bands played, but I missed them. I showed up just in time to get a decent place in the balcony to see Múm perform.

They came on stage, took their places, and began playing straight away. One of the twin vocalists playing cello, while the other played guitar and glockenspiel. They band also had members playing a wide variety of instruments from accordion to iMac. The twins, if you did not know, are incredibly talented musicians. They changed up instruments on nearly every song, and sang together in that way which only twins can -- almost as if they are reading each others mind. They are also, erm, extremely attractive (see the cover of Belle and Sebastian's Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant for a look at the two of them).

It was the drummer, however, who caught my attention the most He played along with the with the electronic drum loops, providing a nice counter-balance. Hands as fast as his should not be legal! He also did many interesting things sonically (when do you get to say that about a drummer?!) such as playing a pot which was slowly being submerged in water and playing a "hooter" (thanks for info Chuck!).

The songs from the most recent record Finally We Are No One were bled seamlessly into one another as they performed most of the record. They also performed several older songs which were equally mesmerizing.

When hearing the record initially, I fell in love with the lush textures they present and the "just right" amount of beats to supply a proper contrast, but I had no idea of the talent level present. I think if Múm stayed around they would break new ground and present us with some of the most beautiful music so far this millennium. Unfortunately, one of the twins has already announced that she is leaving the group to continue pursuing academics.

This is probably one of the best shows that I will see all year and I can only hope that everyone has an opportunity to see this performance, and hopefully a reunion tour.

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