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  MASERATI w/ Paper Lions, Party of Helicopters, and From Monuments to Masses  
  The Echo Lounge  
  East Atlanta, GA  
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I had been looking forward to this show for quite some time. Both Maserati and Paper Lions are local bands who i enjoy in concert, so this Friday seemed like a good time to go out and see them. Unfortunately there were a total of four acts, with doors at 9 PM. This meant that the first opener did not start until after 10, and that Maserati took the stage after 1 AM. That is awfully late to be up following a work day. I have ranted here before (often i would wager) about the lack of consideration in show times. Tonight it pissed me off because i could bartely stay awake by the time Maserati hit the stage, and wound up leaving halfway through their set. It's a damned shame really, but let's just move on.

The first opener tonight was a polyethnic three-piece from California with the confusing name From Monument to Masses. They had a drummer, a guitarist, and a guy playing 5-string bass and running some electronics. He was, quite simply, an amazing bassist.

Both he and the guitarist harmonized the vocals, which meant that they both stood about a foot back from their mics and yelled at the same time. It gave sort of Rizzudo feel in the singing department. The music, however, was complex harder math rock that at times reminded me of Hum, Fridge, June of 44, and Van Halen. (Yes, Van Halen. I swear the guitarist stole a lick or two from Eddie, and that is a good thing in this context, really.) Overall i really enjoyed their energetic set. A fun band.

The next band was not so fun. Or energetic. They went by the enigmatic name Party of Helicopters, and were a metal band. I dunno if this was supposed to be "ironic" or something, but their music reminded me of the heavy tripe that D.R.I. released after Crossover. Ugh.

They were a four-piece band, with an honest to goodness lead singer. People who only sing are something that you just don't see very much anymore. I guess you have to be pretty serious about your sining if you really want to focus on it that much and not even play rhythm guitar or anything. Which is wierd, because the singer here was often off-key, and he looked akward standing up there with nothing to do.

The most redeeming thing about this band was the guitarist, who didn't do anything musically to wow me, but he did have real Heavy metal hair. And he slung that long stringy hair around while he played, really getting into it. Overall, though, Party of Helicopters annoyed me. They could easily have been cut from the bill to shave 45 minutes off of the time.

After that nightmare Paper Lions took the stage. Paper Lions are more of a post-punk band. I have heard them compared to Gang of Four, but in all honesty i am not too familiar with Gang of Four, so i dunno how accurate that comparison is. Mostly they create a wall of tebly guitar with tight rhythms. They played another excellent set tonight, and included that punk cover that they played opening for The Fall. I still have no idea what the song is, but i know that i know it. Wierd. Anyway, Paper Lions are a very good live band. Go see them if you get the chance.

Finally, around 1:30 AM, headliners Maserati took the stage. This was to be the last night for one of their guitarists, who is leaving to go to grad school. (He must've moonlighted with Moreland Audio!) Maserati are a post-rock band from the Tristeza school of thinking. They play amazingly complex guitar parts that build and build. It is very enjoyable to see, and the guitarists are interesting to watch. I wish i had caught the name of the guitarist who is leaving, for he will be missed.

Anyway, i really enjoyed the half of their set that i saw, but i just couldn't keep my eyes open. The music is so complex and lovely that i really wanted to close my eyes and drift off to sleep, letting their complicated wanderings guide my dreams.... Of course, that would probably piss off the staff at The Echo, and the last thing i want to do is get the surly tatooed door guy mad at me. So i headed home before i really fell asleep.

Overall, this was a decent night. I saw two and a half good sets, but the overall score for the night was brought down by that awful middle band and the incredibly late hour.

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