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  Faith Kleppinger, The Hots, A Fir Ju-Well, Sharks & Minnows  
  The Gravity Pub and The Earl  
  East Atlanta, GA  
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My memory of IG Day One is pretty sparse (and, I was relatively sober), so that doesn't bode well, I guess. My thoughts on the schedule: chaos and tardiness. But, that m.o. mirrors my life, so I felt right at home.

THE GRAVITY PUB, round one

Faith Kleppinger: I really only listened to half a song. It was just too damn hot in that torture-cellar for soft music. I was reminded of Sunday mass during steamy GA summers, not a rock concert.

Martini: When the going gets hot, the hot enjoy a dirty martini and televised baseball in the air conditioning upstairs. The martini was mediocre (not quite dirty enough) with weird olives and mushy pimentos.


The Hots: Loads of fun-- nice beat and you can dance to it.

A Fir Ju-Well: So much pretention and narcissism, so little direction and talent. They showed a background video depicting the band playing live. Meanwhile, lo and behold, they played live in front of it! One image just ain't enough, I guess.

Martini: The first one was excellent as usual, served up by my current favorite bartender in East Atlanta. He worked the back bar that night, so he had to go up front and get a glass and vermouth. Now, that's service. The second wasn't dry and dirty enough, but I think he was running out of provisions.

GRAVITY PUB: round two

Sharks and Minnows: Solid rock in a sauna. S and M (I just love writing that) put on a valiant effort, playing a double long set to fill time before the next act showed. They offered up almost everything in their musical war chest and performed well given the heat. I just wish I could remember more of it between bouts of heat-induced coma. But, when they played Hysteria, I banged my head and all was well with the world for three shining moments. The sound guy really dug it, too.

Martini: I wouldn't submit any self-respecting martini to such harsh conditions, so I stuck with water.

So, night one was short, hot, and semi-sweet.

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