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At heart, EvilSponge is really a bunch of music geeks. As such, we often admire the gear that various musicians play on. Here is a sampler of some of the prettier instruments we saw.

Although this is a standard Fender, i like the personalization that one of the guitarists in Cassavetes added to his instrument:

Bill Taft of Hupcap City plays a lovely old hollpw body upside-down. I guess left-handed guitars are pretty rare....

The leader of Hell Mach 4, who might have been the most technically proficient guitarist at the entire 'Rama, played this nice Epiphone hollow-body.

Michelle DuBois of Luigi plays an oddly shaped guitar.

This was actually the backup guitar of the lead guitarist in Moresight. This was his main instrument:

I think that Moresight win the award for "Nicest Gear". In addition to the lead guitarist's two nice instruments, the band's main vocalist played this lovely thing:

If Moresight win for "Best Instruments", then Brainbox win for "Most Interesting instruments. Check out this 8-string bass that their bassist was using:

The guitarist of Brainbox also plays this strange guitar with only half of a body:


All of the above guitar cases were used by Untied States. They had some nice ones too, including a beautiful Rickenbacker Bass. Sadly, their stage lighting prevented me from getting any good shots of the actual guitars....

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