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Fugazi are, apparently, getting too prolific for thier own britches. This three song EP was released at the same time as The Argument, their latest album. The tracks on Furniture are, apparently, overflow. Not leftovers exactly, and not b-sides or outtakes. Just stuff that doesn't flow within the confines of that album.

The EP starts off with Furniture, which is more "old school DC punk" than anything Fugazi have done in recent years. It features some really nice basswork from Joe Lally, some clean yet angry vocals, and that typical start-stop rhythm. It's a good enough tune, and will surely please those of us who have been following Fugazi for several years.

Number 5 is probably the EP's most interesting track. It starts with the clatter of a film reel, then launches into some Clash-like big dramatic hits of percussive energy before diving into the realm of frenzied instrumental. Guitars squeal, bass thunders, drums thump. It's a good, energetic insturmental, and is a little different than the rest of what Fugazi seem to be doing these days.

Hello Morning brings the EP to a close with a short and generally unremarkable punk tune. This song could have fit on In On The Killtaker and been right at home.

So there you go -- 9 minutes worth of music. It's not bad, but it's not great. It's Fugazi at their most generic -- doing what you expect them to be doing. I can see why this music was put on an EP and not on the album -- it doesn't flow with the post-punk poppiness of The Argument.

However, if you were disappointed that The Argument seemed too "soft", then you might like this. If you like what Fugazi are doing now and think that they have matured nicely, then this probably won't interest you. If you are a diehard fan, then you already own this and are just reading the review to see what i think.

I think that this adds nothing to Fugazi's overall body of work. It's neither good nor bad, just in the middle.

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