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  Dead Dogs Two  
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This is the first single off of the impending second cLOUDDEAD album. Aside from the long wait for this release, the anticipation is increased by the presence of a Boards of Canada remix. So let's just say i was really looking forward to this one. There are three songs, so let's consider each.

The A side starts with Dead Dogs Two, which apparently features a guest appearance by someone known as "Josiah". Anyway, this song starts with a light instrumental bit before the rappers come in. Doseone starts out, singing a paen about how sleeping dogs look dead when seen from a distance. The other voices join in, and the song meanders in a way that really reminds me of the song Only Child Explosion off of The No Music by Themselves, a band which also features Doseone. Coincidence? Perhaps. At any rate, this is a good, light little tune. The vocal harmonies are nice, and the music is pleasant. Not too challenging, but decent enough.

Side A continues with Mulholland Instrumental which is, in fact, an instrumental. This is instrumental hip-hop a la the first DJ Shadow album. It grooves along pleasantly, but again, isn't the most challenging thing i have ever heard.

The Boards of Canada remix of Dead Dogs Two fills the B side of this 12". I really expected great things of this remix since both of the bands involved are among my favorites. Sadly, this song does not take cLOUDEAD's exquisite vocals and layer them over funky beats and groovey organic keys. Instead, this is a pretty faithful remix. It honestly isn't that different from the original version, and if it didn't say "Boards of Canada remix" on the sleeve, i wouldn't associate it with that band at all. However, that said, it's not a bad song per se, it just did not live up to my expectations.

In fact that is sort of true of the whole 12": it's not bad, but it's nowhere near as good as it could have been. And that is, on initial listenings at least, dissappointing. I dunno, maybe it will grow on me, but i had really hoped to be bowled over by this release.

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