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  One Brain  
  Zom Zoms  
  Omega Point Records  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

There's a number of words that spring to mind when you hear The Zom Zoms. Wacky. Zany. Daft. And self-consciously daft at that. But whilst there's a tendency to think that these boys are trying that little bit too hard (imagine Devo at their most ludicrous covering Rock Lobster, and you'll have some idea what I mean), there's a certain enjoyment to be had here.

Yes, there's fun to be found in these absurd ditties, particularly Pray To The Zom Zoms, with its more urgent feel, and the slightly more sinister Stubborn Beast Flesh. But, The Zom Zoms are their best when they rein in their excesses on Static and the repetitive TVOD-like Laser. The latter, a cover of an obscure Spanish synthpop classic apparently, is definitely the pick of the album for me.

It's not only the music that's daft though. The Zom Zoms repeat titles like Hyper Lenny ad nauseam, and sing silly couplets like "She left the ghost behind, she had a nice behind" that 80s Irish act Stump (of Charlton Heston fame) would no doubt have been proud of. Admittedly, They Zom Zoms might want to be Devo a little bit too much, and they just might be the most ridiculous band you'll hear this year, but at least they've got their own sound, no matter how silly it is.

And it grows on you…

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