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  Confirmation Bias
  Tiny Engines  
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Yeesh is an indie rock trio from Chicago that makes an angular, punkish sort of indie rock. Confirmation Bias is their second full-length record, but my introduction to the band.

The album starts off with a minute of guitar squealing, a noisefest they call Other Quandaries. It fades into Xan Wagon, a pogo-worthy song of angular rhythms and whiny punkish vocals that moves at a cracking pace and is generally fun. A good start to the record.

Limbo District has a good chiming rhythm, the guitar picking a happy fast riff while the drummer attempts to play every cymbal at the same time (something that, admittedly, seems common to his style). It bounces along nicely.

They get a little "hair rocker" on World Building with a cheesy guitar solo that lasts a second or two and is repeated. Maybe it is not so much a solo as a short guitar only loop. I dunno, but it seems like something that Warrant or Dokken would have done back in the day.

Speechless is more like it, just furious and fast, yelling with intense riffing. i bet this is fun live, and is probably their catchiest song. One Weird Trick is much the same, only with an awesomely mocking title, and slightly less catchy. Not bad at all though.

On End Results the guitarist channels Archers of Loaf over some thundering drums and rumbling bass. Seriously, the rhythm on this one is awesome, and the guitar squeals and wails like old Big E. Damned nice. Frontline tinkles along, with the bassist keeping a mighty riff that drives the tune along.

Well Adjusted is a happy tune, the guitar riff like Rodan on uppers or something.

And finally they end the record with Placeholder. I like the rolling drum riff and the nice tinkling guitar here. It is also, by far, the longest song on Confirmation Biasand it really works for Yeesh. Maybe they need to stretch out into the almost seven minute territory more often.

This is a satisfying record, and yet it is a pretty typical punk-ish indie rock album. There is a lot of this stuff out there, but to be honest Yeesh do it better than at least two thirds of the promos that i get. The point is: this type of music is common, and Yeesh do it well, even if they are not reinventing anything.

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