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  After the Rain  
  Christian Walt  

InterDisco NetLabel

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In my continuing infatuation with NetLabels, i came across this release on the Interdisco website. Boldly, they describe the EP as being a set of dance pop tunes that "will make you happy. promise!". Really? Prozac in the form of 34 MB worth of downloads? Out of curiosity, i had to give it a listen.

And, surprisingly, Christian Walt does live up to his label's brash claim. This is silly, head bopping dance music, with slippery bass riffs, new wavey keyboards, and crisp Germanic vocals. It is happy, silly music, and will indeed lighten all but the darkest of moods.

The EP starts off with a tune called Promise. This song is built around a nice bass beat, silly keys, hand claps in the background, and his voice. He's not a bad singer, in that German, crisp, kind of dramatic sort of way. I think the voice is very appropriate for the music. One thing though -- on this song he sings "everything is bright", but his accent and the way he drags out the sss sound in "is" it makes it sounds like he is saying "everything is sprite". Maybe i hear that because i live in Atlanta, aka, Coca-ColaVille. At any rate, any Coke ad execs who are reading EvilSponge should contact Herr Walt, as this song would be great in a trendy Sprite commercial for your next campaign! Because, come on, Rave Kids need refreshing beverages, and with all the ecstasy they take, caffeine is the last thing they need. It's a perfect fit! And besides, it's a really fun tune. (Brendan can tell you where to send my consulting fee check!)

Next Walt hits us with Light at the End of the Tunnel. The beat is even more powerful than in the previous song, and a strong wavering synth bass and happy keyboards accompany it. The beat here kind of reminds me of the dancier moments of the Ova Looven album. Overall, this is another fun tune. I bet he gets all the kids moving in the discos of Berlin.

Sooner or Later (Once Again) is the next track. Here, to mix things up a little, Walt sings this through some distortion, which combines with the bouncing bass riff, seems almost like something from Love and Rockets. I am thinking Express era here. Anyway, this tune just bounces along energetically, and this is the most dance floor ready of the four here. Not to say that any of Walt's tunes would be out of place at a club, but just that the beat here is his strongest.

Finally, we have the EP's title track. It starts off with an interlude of synth noise and light piano that meanders around briefly, before being joined by yet another throbbing beat. The bass he uses here is wonderful -- frenetic, deep, phase shifted very slowly, and in the background. Walt has a talent for the bass in his mixes. Anyway, this is an instrumental, and very nice, but somewhat different than the rest of the EP. This one tune almost sounds like something from Underworld.

An impressive release, and continuing evidence that the Interdisco NetLabel is on to something. I heartily endorse this download. Get the files, dump them onto your IPod (or whatever), and just let Herr Walt's beats and synths pour over you. Trust me, you'll enjoy it.

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