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  The State of Things
  The Song Stays  
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Visuals are a kind of mysterious band from, i think, New York.

There is a bit of mystery here. None of the band's sites list anything about Visuals the band. How many people are in the band? Do they play live? I had to poke around on the Internet for a while to even get the name of the primary musician here -- Andrew Fox.

He may, or may not, have collaborators. In the era of social media oversharing, the kind of mystery surrounding this act is kind of different and kind of frustrating. I mean, its 2016 -- why don't you put some damned names on your FaceBook page?

But whatever.

There are three songs on what i guess is their debut release.

The first is Days of Our Youth which is funky like a mid 1980s synth track from Soft Cell. It saunters along, the voice is dark and deep and sultry and the bass riff is a slippery thing.

The State of Things kind of saunters along with a shaking beat and a tinkling guitar. Again, there is a hint of New Wavishness here.

And the EP ends with the burbling electro of No handle, slower. A steady beat thunks along and Fox sings, accompanied by some faint keys and little IDMish noises.

I am impressed. These three songs are rather fun. A good debut.

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