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  Beyond the Furr  
  Violet Indiana  
  Bella Union  
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This is the first new Violet Indiana music since 2001's Killer Eyes EP. So what have the band been up to in the interim? Well, guitarist/producer Robin Guthrie had a solo album. Ms. De Mare? Who knows. Not really important, i guess. The thing is, there is no significant change in their sound. This is still lush, slow music based on Guthrie's tremoloed guitar and De Mare's aching voice. And, actually, this is a pretty nice EP. There are only three tracks, so let's look at each.

The first song, Beyond the Furr, is also on the LP that was released shortly after this EP. This is a nice, poppy tune. It has a good beat, and Guthrie's guitarwork is nice in a typical VI manner. Actually, this song sounds very Violet Indiana, and i don't mean that as an insult. Rather, if you have enjoyed their work before, then you'll enjoy this one. It breaks no new ground, but displays what they do quite well.

On Crystal Mountain Guthrie plays several layers of guitar and it sounds really good with combined strummed acoustic and echoing electric guitar. De Mare's voice is very light, and, in the middl,e she does some of that "talking behind the music" thing that she also did on Jailbird. The general tone of this song is light, dreamy, and vaguely jazzy. It's a good tune, and this is non-album, so, until the next compilation comes out, this is your only source.

The EP wraps up with Perfect Day, which is my favorite on the EP. The guitarwork is achingly slow and very heavily echoed, and the song builds slowly to a wonderful climax with De Mare's voice in three distinct layers, adding lots of depth to the tune. (Gee, De Mare sings backup and counter melody to herself. I wonder where Guthrie learned to do that?) Anyway, this is a really lovely song.

On the whole, this is a fun little EP. No weak tracks on it at all, and it picks up nicely where Violet Indiana left off. Fans will enjoy this tremendously.

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