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So it's a concept EP, you see. All the songs (except one) are named Shangri-La; the remaining song was originally performed by the Shangri-Las. See? I'm sure this looked pretty good on paper. Or at the very least, it looked like a cute idea. (NOTE: what is it with Merge and their Concept EPs? First this...and then Portastatic with their Brazilian covers....)?

Now I'm a big Versus fan. I really like all of their albums. And even their last EP, Afterglow, had its high points, even if it did seem radically different than their previous material. So I was kinda looking forward to this new ep.

On the good side, the new Versus tune sounds like a return to their Secret Swingers form. On the bad side, the covers really don't add anything to their body of work. It's like they had one good song that they wanted to release and then added the rest as a joke.

But it's the concept, you see....

When I was in college, I had this English professor once who graded our paper on the idea of the paper and not on how well we made our argument. Oddly enough, I always got A's.

But I'm not a college professor. And this isn't medieval literature.

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