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Found Live In a Graveyard b/w Starry Eyes


Veronica Falls


Trouble Records

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Every once in a while, i run across a release that utterly charms. Such is the case with this 2010 7" by London, UK act Veronica Falls.

This is classic twee pop. There is a subdued female voice singing lightly over a wall of chiming guitars and steady rhythms. A male voice sings backing harmony at times. There is a vague 1960s pop feel as well as a vague lo-fi feel, but the music is not truly lo-fi in the sense that early Sebadoh was, nor is it truly 60s-esque, like, say, The Carrots. Instead, Veronica Falls take those two genres and blend them together into a fun mix.

The A-side shows the band getting their Goth on with Found Love In a Graveyard. The song starts with an arpeggioed guitar and some scattered drums, then vocalist Roxanne Clifford comes in oohing and aahing and the guitars crank up to a jangle. It moves along happily, building to a climax with the guitars chugging as she sings, "Dearly departed / I'm broken-hearted" over and over in a fit of Morrissean existential ennui. (And weirdly enough, i was finishing this review when the song came up on the WinAmp shuffle on my phone. The next tune was Cemetery Gates, by The Smiths. A downright eerie coincidence. WinAmp, you are freaking me out...)

The B-side is Starry Eyes, which really channels the early 1960s. This is a light song, almost a ballad, that would have been sung at the sock hop. Veronica Falls pull it off though, as the guitars chime nicely.

I am really impressed with this release. Two great songs, in and out, no filler.

Apparently they released an LP in 2011. Guess i need to track that down next. If you like jangly 60s pop, and i know you do, you will want to track this down.

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