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Vaureen is a female-fronted hard rock trio from New York. This is their debut release, and it packs three songs into about fifteen minutes.

Tough Guys starts things off and sets the tone. It begins with a distorted guitar chugging away with a riff that reminds me slightly of The Chameleons' Swamp Thing. The drums come in, thundering away, and the bass thumps. The guitar soars over this, echoing and soloing. After a minute, guitarist and vocalist Andrea Horne sings, her voice in the mix, not over it. I prefer it when a vocal track is not layered on top, dominating the whole song. And the focus here is definitely on Ms. Horne's guitar, not her voice.

Her voice, though, needs mentioning. She has a kind of deep voice with clear pronunciation. It is a very Classic Rock style and reminds me of Heart, or perhaps Joan Jett. Tough Guys is a good classic rock song.

On Evil Horne's voice is more upfront. She gets really screamy in the middle, with drummer Cale Hand beating his kit like crazy! It's a nice noisy number that shows a bit more metal influence in the grinding guitar and bass and the thundering drums.

I like the third song best of the three here. It is called Before The Rectangles Take Over, which is kind of an odd phrase. The tune starts with Horne making guitar noise for a minute, just cranking out some meandering guitar distortion. When her voice comes in, it is lighter and echoed. The drums start tapping, and then Horne stomps on the overdrive and the song grinds along, a mess of distortion and noise. This reminds me somewhat of Paik, that kind of distorted rock.

This is good stuff. They are not reinventing anything, but if you like hard, distorted rock, then this is a fine choice.

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