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  The Track Record  
  The Track Record  
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  Indoor Miner  

Now when it comes to music, I'm a bit of a glass half-full kind of guy. OK, there's the odd period, like earlier this year, when I hear little to rock my boat. However, deep down, I know there's going to be something that will find its way to my heart pretty darn quickly. Similarly, even if something isn't my proverbial cup of tea, I'll generally be able to find some merit in it.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Not my thing, but good at what they do. Phil Collins? Can't stand his singing, but he knows his way round a drumkit. Sting? Bit of a twat, but he did once write Roxanne.

Are you getting what I'm saying? That's right, I'm Libran!

But I'm struggling here, folks. I really am. The Track Record EP features five tracks with a singer straining to get every last ounce of passion out of tunes that just aren't memorable enough. Unfortunately, the singer's voice just gets on my nerves. And as for the vocals at the end of the opening track Plans To Wake Up On The Beach, well all I can say is that it sounds…spontaneous.


The only things of merit I can find here is that Letters To Summer is slightly more memorable than the others, and that Talk Radio has a nice intro and the whispered vocals at the start are altogether better. In fact, I can only assume it's a different bloke singing. Unfortunately, Mr. Foghorn then comes back from walking the dog and we're back to square one. And guess what? We're back to a singer straining to get every last ounce of passion out of more tunes that just aren't memorable enough.

According to the blurb they sent out, they're fans of The Beach Boys, Beatles, Miles Davis, Buddy Rich, Jurassic Five, and Gang Starr. You would never know it from this. This is just too blustery. It's like Green Day, but without the tunes.

And that, I'm afraid is the best I can say about it. Libran or not…

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