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  Everything Is Chemical Virtual 7" # 108
  Everything Is Chemical  
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Toothless is the solo project of Ashley Garcia, a young lady from Compton, CA. If i understand what i have seen in movies, that means she is in a street gang, i suppose.

She also makes ethereal electronic music from loops, keyboards, synths, and her voice. At times her voice reminds me of Raphaelle Standell-Preston from Braids, and i mean that as a compliment. Garcia has a higher-pitched voice with a wide range, and she uses it well.

The massive echo and distortion she puts on her voice, as well as the general miasmatic feel of the music also brings to mind Liz Harris of Grouper. I admit that is a tenuous connection, but there is some connection in the almost confessional style of the songs coupled with lots of echo and simple instrumentation.

The first song is Half You Half Me, in which hazy synths and keyboards bounce along in a happy little melody under her voice.

The second track is Lazy Afternoon. This is an odd song, with strange synth sounds pulsing along and a rich lilt to her voice. It gets a little disorienting when it all gets going, but itís fun.

And finally we have My Island, which has the most insistent beat here, the drum machine thumping as the synths surge and beep. This is almost noisy.

I find this to be an interesting release, and am curious to see what Ms., Garcia does next.

This is part of Everything is Chemical's excellent and free Virtual 7" series, meaning that you can download this for free for you own spacey listening. Enjoy.

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