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  The Tigerlillies
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The Tigerlillies are a pop band from Cincinnati. Please note that there is a British band with the same name, but i don't know anything about them. In fact, i know very little about this band either. They donít even appear to have a BandCamp page. What the heck?

Well, whatever. There are 6 songs here.

The first song is really glorious. It is called Easy as It Seems and cruises along with happy guitar riffs. This is just really poppy, and it reminds me of The Jam.

The next song is kind of a disappointment. It is called Bowie, and is a sort of tribute to an artist they obviously admired. The problem is that there are a lot of forced rhymes, and the whole thing sounds like a 10-year old wrote the lyrics. Heck, maybe one of the band memberís kids did write the lyrics. I don't know. The song just seems ... amateurish.

The next tune is Darlin' and itís okay. It is a kind of slowish pop song, just clear guitar and vocals. It reminds me of those sort of 1950s pop songs sung by groups of white guys in suits.

Green Eyes is another catchy happy song with a bit of old punk thrown in. There is a little Ramones in the "oh-oh-oh" backing vocals the band sings on the chorus. But the song bounces along nicely.

In the Dark reminds me of British Sea Power. The vocalist sings a little more subtly, and the band "aahs" behind him. The pace and the way the guitars interplay is very BSP. Cool!

And then we wrap things up with Some Me, Some You, another really catchy pop song. It is a classic pop tune with great riffing and a happy bouncy riff. It ends the EP on a really up note.

So, The Tigerlillies make catchy music. When they want to, i guess, or when they aren't singing songs their 10-year old daughter wrote.... Ugh. I am going to go and delete their Bowie song from my collection so that it never accidentally crops up again.

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