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Release Date:
  early 2004  
Reviewed by:

Part Chris Isaak, part Morphine, and part Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Atlanta band Telegram creates rough yet warm songs, mostly about love and heartache. It doesn't seem possible that singer Troy Bieser could possibly have experienced such a large amount of heartache in his life, but he can certainly make a listener believe that he has. The overall tone of Telegram's music easily reminds the listener of a long, nighttime drive down a lonely Midwestern highway, a la David Lynch.

Though Bieser's rough vocals are certainly in the forefront of this band's sound, the amazing upright bass skills of Robert Henson cannot be overstated. Adding not only a strong low end, but also some wondrous lead melodies as well, Henson's playing weighs heavily on this five-track album teaser.

Dark yet smooth, warm yet harsh, Telegram is music perfectly suited for a lonely candlelit night of brooding over a lost love. It is impossible to hear these songs without thinking of the last rainy night that forced you to stay indoors, with nothing to entertain you other than your own thoughts

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