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  Split EP  
  The Dismemberment Plan and Juno  
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I really like The Dismemberment Plan. A lot. About a year and a half ago they started doing a crazy song in concert called The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich. This tune features squealing keys, thunderous bass, mile-a-minute vocals, and wierd samples. It seemed really cool, and eventually i tracked down this EP, which is the only place you can find that song right now.

In the interim i had placed a bootleged version of the song on a tape i keep in my car, and i have seen The Plan several more times in concert. And i must say: after about the 20th listen the song becomes really really annoying. In fact, right now i would say that it is my least favorite Plan song. The samples whine and the vocals are so fast as to be incomprehensible...

Fonrtunately, there are other good tunes on this EP.

The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich is the leadoff track, but it is quickly followed by Non-Equivalents by Juno. This was the first ever Juno song that i have heard, and i must say: it rocks the rock of the righteous! It's a wall of guitar noise with thundering drums and vocals that are screamed just to be heard at the same level as the guitars. It reminds me of Sugar, and that's a good thing!

The next track is also by Juno and it is a cover on a DJ Shadow song called High Noon. Yes, Juno, a rock band, cover a song by DJ Shadow, an electronic collage artist. It was actually a good choice, if a wierd one. The song is dominated by an overpowering rhythm around with other sounds whirl. In the DJ Shadow version they are various samples, but in Juno's version the guitars take that place. In fact, Juno turn in something that sounds remarkably like the original. It's not too exciting when you think about it, but it is an amazing display of skill, especially on the drummers part.

The EP finishes with a second Dismemberment Plan song, Crush, which is a cover attributed to somebody called Jennifer Paige. Malimus (who claims to know more of such things) tells me that Ms. Paige is a pop singer in the same sort of vein as Britney Spears. Ugh. All sunshine and girlish squeals and programmed beats. But not after The Plan get done with it. They take what was probably a nice happy song and turn it into a dirge of resignation. Sparse guitar arpeggios, subconscious keyboard drones, and scattered drumming accompany vocalist Travis Morrison's voice as he stretches the words out almost painfully. It's eerie and creepy and beautiful.

If you listen on headphones you hear somebody have a coughing fit in the background towards the end, and there are a few false starts that lead me to believe that this was done in one take. Whether it was or not, it is a very very impressive song. A fine addition to The Plan's catalog.

I wonder what Ms. Paige thinks about The Dismemberment Plan covering her song?

So there you go: this EP is four tracks, two of which are really amazing, one of which displays tremendous skill, and one of which i am totally sick of. This was not an easy thing to find, but if you are a Plan / Juno /guitar rock fan you should seek this out.

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