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  SPORTS and Plush
  Father/Daughter Records  
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You might recall that SPORTS is the band of those kids from down the highway from my hometown, only they live in Philly now. Good for them -- central Ohio is a somewhat boring place and i cannot imagine living there as an adult. Oh, and they CAPITALIZE THEIR ENTIRE NAME NOW for no justifiable reason.

They give us two tunes. The first is called Making It Right and starts off with their typical catchy pop-punk with quirky girl vocals. On the chorus, they slow it down a bit and add in a keyboard layer and some echo on the voice and for a moment the whole thing becomes really epic. Very beautiful.

Their second song, Calling Out is a catchy jangle-pop tune. It is what they do well.

On the B-side of the single we have a song from San Francisco band Plush. At 6:23, their song is about one third longer than both SPORTS songs put together. The song is called 50/50 20/20 and has some nice guitar layers chiming and grinding along over an engaging, rich female voice. The song grinds along with happy dense choruses and slower verses. About halfway through it changes a bit, as the distortion on the guitars grows and it becomes slightly slower. Very nice. I have never heard of this act before, but this is very good.

So we have three likeable tunes here.

There is one problem though -- links to the BandCamp and FaceBook pages for both bands do not currently work. And it also appears as if SPORTS might have renamed themselves again to Remember Sports... So there is some confusion here.

But the single is still listed on the Father/Daughter Records website, and hopefully in time both bands will settle on a name and show back up on the internet.

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