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  Alein Oceans
  Space Sweeper
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Space Sweeper is a supergroup of space rock drone musicians. It is a collaboration between Silber Records head Brian John Mitchell (who also records as Remora), Ted Johnson (one half of Tesla Recoils), and Brian Lea McKenzie (who records as Electric Bird Noise). These are three spaced out dudes who create odd, ambient, droning music on their own.

But i didn't know that when i first listened. I don't always memorize the promos i read -- i just download things and put them on my phone for later listening. What i thought on listening to this, especially after the first track stretched beyond the 7-minute mark, was that this might be a Landing side-project. It certainly sounds like some of the odd, wandering, space exploration stuff that band does...

And i mean the Landing comparison as a compliment. They are one of my favorite acts. And Space Sweeper make epic, wandering, ambient drone tunes that are similar. However, Landing typically have percussion in their products, and this is percussion-less guitar ambience. Not that there is anything wrong with that....

There are two songs on this album. The first is Burial at Sea and it clocks in at 12:39, and the second is Oceana Galatica and is a whopping 25:24. So, doing the math for you, that is just over 38 minutes worth of music in two songs.

Both songs are wandering explorations, when sounds echo in a haze with no real hurry to go anywhere. This is the type of music to put on in the background when you want to get some work done. I find this record to be pleasant and rather engaging for the amorphous nature of the music.

If you are into this kind of droning ambient space rock, then you probably need to pick up a copy of this.

I wonder if this collaboration will do more together, or if this was a one-off thing.

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