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Solids is a band from Montreal who have apparently need around since 2010. This is my first exposure to the band, and i like what i am hearing.

Solids make indie guitar rock. It's simple formula really, and i rarely get tired of it. And Solids do it well.

The EP starts off with the poppy Blank Stare. Guitars crunch against one another and the rhythm pounds a great pogo-ing beat.

They slow it down a little for Wait It Out. The song grinds along at a slower pace as the vocalist kind of drawls his words. I like the slower pacing here, and it reminds me a little of Wild Moth.

Solids jangle on Blurs, another really great song where the guitar riff jangles like something from mid-era Dinosaur Jr.

And finally they end the EP with an experimental song, Shine. This starts with some spastic drumming, and then a supple bass riff comes in. Guitars noodle slightly over this almost funky jam for a few minutes until the vocals come in, the words long and drawn out. It is a vaguely psychedelic tune and i imagine that, at the end of shows, it becomes a pedal stomp fest of distortion and feedback.

Very cool. I like what they are doing.

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