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  Let's Dance To Our Own Beats  
  The Soft Eyes  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

Comprising of members of other Massproducktion bands, My Orchard, The Concretes, and Marit Bergman Band, The Soft Eyes debut album (released in co-operation with Instant Feelings Recording) is predominantly an acoustic set with something of country influence. It opens with the quite lovely One Of A Kind, with its finger-picked guitar, touching melody and strong harmonies. In contrast, Love Power has a more experimental feel with a slightly unusual melody over scratchy guitar. From hereon, however, there's a definite country feel to much of the proceedings with Attitude Problem being a mid-paced number with added harmonica, and Beautiful Future showing as a slower version with a melodica in the background.

Never The Last Time breaks things up though as it has a more My Bloody Valentine-feel with its almost whispery vocal over a slightly distorted guitar. So perhaps it should come as no surprise to find that Let's Dance To Our Own Beats also includes a rather decent acoustic cover of the My Bloody Valentine song, When You Sleep. Definitely worth checking out.

Things gets more country-ish again on Blast From The Past, although interestingly enough the backing vocals show a Loveless influence. Me And The Others has a clattery beat and neat, yet somewhat forlorn sounding riff, but the harmonica comes out to play again on Far, which is perhaps the most country-ish number here. Now this is not really my genre, but this is a very pretty, heartfelt number as Johan Sigeud sings…

"I let it happen, let myself drift
Now there's a scar in my heart"

…before we discover there's something of a twist at the end. Along with One Of A Kind and When You Sleep, it's one of the highlights of the album.

Let's Dance To Our Own Beats closes with Central Station, which has a 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) type picked guitar intro, and Let Us All Act Psychotic which has a suitably eerie feel.

All in all, a promising album.

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