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Inner City


So Many Wizards


Seven Inch Project

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First off, i think this is the best band name i have heard in a long time. In fact, that name is what initially drew me into this promo.

The band is apparently a trio from Long Beach. Their music consists of insistent primal drumming, chiming Deebank-like guitars, and clear voices in layers.

The A-side is Inner City and features a sing-song melody over those great Felt-like guitars. I keep thinking they are going to break into Dismantled King Is Off the Throne! The voice is very different though, clear and expressive, vocalist Nick Kazerouni varying his vocal tone crazily as a female voice aahs in the background. The overall effect is like Deerhunter collaborating with Braids, which would be pretty awesome, to be honest.

The B-side is Best Friends starts with piano and Kazerouni singing in falsetto. Then it becomes a piano pop song, kind of like Ben Folds 5, with that sort of staccato piano melody. The band fluctuates between the two, a high-hat chugging along during the falsetto parts, toms thudding under the piano pop parts. Itís actually really engaging.

The 7-inch comes with a digital bonus track called Yeah Right. I think this is an older song by the band. There is fast acoustic guitar strumming as Kazerouni sings, loudly and very up-front to the point of being over-produced. Drums and bass rumble in, and in a way this song is like what The Violent Femmes were doing back in the day. The least innovative of the three tracks here, and my least favorite.

Overall, this is pretty neat. So Many Wizards are doing some interesting things.

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