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  Black Eyes b/w Good News  


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Snowden are a local post-punk act that have impressed me muchly. They don't play out that much, but the one time i saw them they were really good. Plus, i picked up this 7" featuring two cool tunes from the band.

The A-side is Black Eyes, which is brilliant. The guitar is a high-pitched whirl, the bass is a low thudding, and the drums are distant and lost, but it is vocalist Jordan Jeffares's voice that makes this tune. He sings in a whiney way, but not bad whiney: it is more that his voice has some natural resonance to it, and he uses that to great effect. He accompanies the voice with a keyboard bit that is similar in tone, adding a nice harmony layer. Overall, it adds up to one catchy, moody rock tune.

The B-side is Good News, which was also on their debut EP. This song features the guitarist playing under a lot of phase-shifting, his guitar line fading in and out like crazy. Over this, another guitar part chugs along, accompanied by new drummer Chandler Rentz and his mighty beats. The bassist also gives a nice riff here, really driving the song along. This is a nice little tune, not as good as the A-side, but not a clunker by any stretch of the imagination.

Overall, i am impressed, and see, in a very slight way, a connection between what Snowden are doing here and what The Dismemberment Plan (R.I.P.) were doing. The rhythms and the keyboards and the melodies all combine to point towards a similarity. In fact, if i close my eyes and squint a bit i can almost (almost) hear Travis Morrison singing... This is meant as a compliment, really.

Anyway, quality over quantity seems to be the Snowden motto. Fans of post-punk rock and/or The Dismemberment Plan need to track down this 7".

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