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  End of Days
  See Through Dresses
  Tiny Engines  
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What is it with bands these days trying to get me in trouble at work, specifically with questionable band names? If you name your band something that i cannot Google at work without getting a frowny comment from the IT security team, then i am a little unhappy with you. See Through Dresses is NOT an approved search term when working at a bank... Fortunately, they make decent music, so i will let it slide this time.

See Through Dresses is a four-piece indie rock band from Omaha, everyone's favorite city in Nebraska. (Take that, Lincoln!) Two singer / guitarist / songwriters front the band: Sara Bertuldo and Mather Carroll. They are backed up with bassist Alex Kirts and drummer Nate Van Fleet. (Really awesome name on the drummer!) It's your standard rock band format.

The EP kicks off with Haircut a crunchy 1990s indie rock song sung by Bertuldo. This one kind of reminds me of Belly in a way, although Bertuldo has a milder voice than that of Tanya Donelly. But the song grinds nicely with thundering percussion and some nice guitar interplay.

Carroll takes over vocal duties for Big On Brains, droning his vocals in a disinterested post- punk way as the song swirls like an early Soul Asylum tune. Then it's back to Bertuldo on Little Apple Rot, which is nicely epic. The guitarwork really soars here with lots of distortion and Kirst and Van Fleet really beating the crap out of their kit. It is quieter on the verses and louder on the chorus, so you hear Bertuldo sing then the band swells up around her for a bit. I like this one.

She sings a slow ballad next, Everyman. Her voice is delicate over picked guitars and light percussion on the verses, but on the chorus the guitars whine away, here reminding me a little of Helium.

See Through Dresses go acoustic for End Of Days. Carroll sings here under delicate acoustic strumming. It sounds like strings come in as the song progresses. After listening to this, i would guess that he likes Syd Barrett a bit too much. Not my thing.

Drag Scene is another Carroll tune, the guitars with a hint of twang under the overdrive for a Gin Blossoms-like effect. It's a catchy little tune, and a nice end to the EP.

See Through Dresses are working with the distorted pop rock genre, and they do it pretty well.

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