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Crimes b/w Put Away





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Seatraffic is a duo from San Francisco who sent us a digital version of this 7" with one bonus track.

The A-Side is Crimes, and it starts out with a gothy synth rumbling, before deep drumming comes in -- the drums an echoed, powerful thudding beneath the drone. A keyboard melody comes in, and i am reminded of early OMD. The voice, which joins shortly, is slightly echoed, not too loud, and stretches the words out dramatically. This is a good, moody tune, and children of the 1980s will like it.

B-Side Put Away is a little more upbeat, but still has that new wave feel. The drums again sound deep and echoing, while here the keys are sparkly and chiming and the voice is slightly echoed and almost buried in the mix, growing and swelling into an epic crooning that almost reminds me of Sunny Shadows.

Apparently, if you buy the 7" on Bandcamp you get a few extra tracks. The band only sent us one, the Yalls remix of Put Away. Yalls turn in a good performance, making the vaguely moody source material seem bubbly and happy. They space the drumming out some, which allows the synths room to breathe. The vocals are distorted to hell and back, and they emphasis the bass riff, making it positively dance. They add in some skittering drums, just to make it a little more fun. I like this remix.

Overall, i am pretty impressed. This is good stuff. And you can listen on Bandcamp, or download the Yalls Remix for free.

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