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  Saturday Looks Good To Me  
  Audiopants Records  
Release Date:
  late 2003  
Reviewed by:

I went to see Saturday Looks Good To Me a while back, and they were interesting enough that i shelled out $4 for this 7". Now, i happen to love the 7" format, so i use my wallet to encourage bands who actually release them. The thing is, Tracers, who has more experience with the band, has gone on and on about how they are really hit-or-miss with their recordings. I admit, after hearing her rant, i was kind of scared to listen to this release, especially after hearing her describe some of the songs on the band's second full-length as "twee damaged". Ewwww. The very thought makes me shudder.

Nonetheless, in the interest of science, i must persevere. Somehow, the band manage to cram three tunes into a 45 RPM 7" record. That's no mean feat, and indicates that their songs are short.

The first song on the A-side is called Alcohol. It has a sort of flat, fuzzy recording that reminds me of many of the really old 45s that i inherited off my parents. That gives the tune a very retro feel, and the female vocals make it sound like an old Martha and the Vandellas single. It's a happy catchy song, and the only element that is out of place is that the guitar is obviously played through some sort of distortion to make it all fuzzy. Still, it's a nice tune, and it moves along at a good pace.

Also crammed on the A-side is Listen to My Heart, which is similarly recorded in a retro, flat manner. However, here the voice is echoey, and the guitar is reverbed in such a manner that it reminds me of Atlanta's own The Rock*a*Teens. This is what SLGTM sounded like live, well, except that, on record, the vocalist is female, whereas live it was male, so the voice is different. Still, this is a nice song, and i bet that any other Rock*a*Teens fans out there will love it.

The B-side only has one tune, called Nervous. This sounds nothing like the A-side. In fact, it starts with a silly little synthpop melody and a skittering IDM beat. What the? This is the same band? Is it some sort of remix? Who knows, but this isn't a retro rock tune, instead it's a very modern IDM/rock fusion song. The beat remains skittery and echoing for the duration, and the guitar wanders in and out of a realm of heavy distortion. The female vocals here are small and clear, but not bad. Keyboard bits, seemingly lost on their way to a Depeche Mode song, wander in and out. Very odd, but not really bad at all. In fact, i kind of like it. Good for SLGTM for shaking things up a little bit.

So, well, this is a wierd mix of music. I don't really know anyone else who appreciates Martha and the Vandellas, The Rock*a*Teens, and synthpop in the same way i do. So i don't really know how to recommend this release. If that mixture of songs sounds good to you, well, then go track this down. Oh, and email me. We obviously need to talk.

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Alcohol is also included on the full-length All Your Summer Songs.
Since the release of this 7", Saturday Looks Good To Me have released another EP, and have toured.


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