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Summer Dresses


R. M. Hednrix


Self-released on BandCamp

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R. M. Hendrix is a Boston-based shoegaze musician who sent us this quaint little digital single. It contains two different versions of a song called Ivorine & Chai, which was on a 2011 EP.

The a-side is renamed Summer Dresses and is a summery, breezy shoegaze tune. Guitars chime in layers and drums thud in the distance as a keyboard drones, while the voice is clear and crisp. It moves at a pretty fast clip, just cruising along with head-bopping rhythms. On the whole it reminds me of Adorable, and how often can you say that a band sounds like Adorable? Not often enough, i tell you. This is a fun version.

The Our Sanguine Holiday Remix is the b-side here. This is a slower, noisier mix, the guitars weighed down by tremolo and the voice almost buried in the mix. On the verses, this version reminds me of the first Stratford 4 album, but on the chorus when the tremolo really amps up, they channel early Pale Saints. Good stuff.

So, i am pretty impressed. Fans of the genre will find much to enjoy here. You can listen for free to both tracks on Bandcamp, and buy the single at "name your own price".

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