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  The Nine Billion Names of God  
  Oeuf Korreckt  
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Tired of paying for music, but scared the R.I.A.A. will sue you into debtor's prison? Well, EvilSponge has the hookup for you. There are plenty of free "releases" on the web, if you know how to look.

One series that i have enjoyed is NoType's Sine Fiction series. This is a collection of avante electronica interpretations of science fiction novels. A wacky idea, but you get some great music out of it.

I have reviewed 4 separate Sine Fiction downloads. Check the "Related Links" section after the review for more of them.


What are the Nine Billion Names of God? Is this an oblique reference to the kabballistic theory that every word in the (original, Hebrew) Old Testament can be rearanged to form a name of God, and time will end when the True Name of God is reformed from the letters scattered about that sacred text? Does this mean that Arthur C. Clarke is a Hasidic Jew? I thought he lived in Sri Lanka. Maybe he just watched the movie Pi too many times....

Anyway, i really have no idea what this story is about. I'm actually not much of a Clarke fan, although i base that on a reading of Rendezvous With Rama when i was much younger. (I really didn't care for that novel.) However, this name sounded interesting, and, well, it's a free download, so i thought i'd give it a try.

Actually, the music is pretty good. There is just one 7 minute tune in this Sine Fiction release. It is a ponderous pseudo-classical number, and i am not even 100% sure that it is an electronic piece. It seems to be built out of a mounrful tuba, that grows and swells and is joined by a chorus of other horns. For all i know Oeuf Korreckt is a brass band in central Germany...

I have an interested experiment i want somebody to try, and then report back to me how it works. I suspect that if this piece were slipped into the afternoon rotation of any NPR station in the US, no one would really notice. So -- any NPR DJs out there? See if you can download this and play it on air, and then let me know if anyone comments on it. I bet that most listeners won't bat an eyelid, which will just serve to reinforce my theory that, if properly done, contemporary electronica can be indistinguishable from any other form of music is chooses to emulate. (This all assumes that Oeuf Korreckt is actually an electronic act, like everyone else on the NoType label....)

At any rate, this is a pretty cool piece. It reminds me a lot of the recent horn-heavy work of Godspeed You Black Emporer. It builds very slowly, and while never building to a GYBE frenzy, it does evolve naturally into a sort of catharsis. And the stately horn sounds fit with the almost relgious nature of the story implied by the title. Now, i have no idea how well this music goes with the story, but if the story is anything like this music i bet it is rather worthwhile.

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