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The Reputation of Ross Francis b/w Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

  My Latest Novel  
  Bella Union  
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This is the second single from the debut album by quirky Scottish pop act My Latest Novel. They released one of my favorite records of 2006, and are probably my favorite new act from that year. They create songs that are catchy and fun, but that grow in strange ways. And the two tunes on this 7" are no exception.

The A-side is The Reputation of Ross Francis, which is also on the album Wolves. This starts with a light, almost folky, guitar and drum bit, with the main male and female voices harmonizing nicely. But it keeps building until it reaches a point with a strong martial beat and all of their various vocalists chanting chaotically. Despite that, it's a light song, almost happy and cheerful for the most part.

The B-side is Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, and one of the other male voices (not the normal singer) starts this one off. He sings lightly over some nice slow bass riffing, and then suddenly the song descends into a section with the whole clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and chanting. After a bit of that, the song moves into a section with the main vocalist singing over slide guitar and drums. It's a really weird song, even for them, but in typical fashion it inexplicably works.

Overall, i continue to be impressed. I have yet to hear a My Latest Novel song that i did not enjoy. I hope that they can keep up this level of creativity, and quality.

As to the product itself, well, simply put, it is beautiful. The 7" is made of gray vinyl with red swirls embedded in it, and the sleeve has that by now trademarked "old worn parchment" look to it that all of their releases, to date, have had. However, label Bella Union loses a point for no speed listed on the record (play at 45 RPM), although each side is clearly labeled, A or B, so that is something.

Another pleasant little single.

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