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  Everything Is Chemical Virtual 7" #100
  Everything Is Chemical  
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Everything Is Chemical have been releasing some interesting free music via BandCamp. Usually these take the form of a free "single", although occasionally they have stretched the format a little into a free EP or something.

Mshhh make a complete mockery of the concept of a "digital single" with their release, the 100th in the series. There are 18 tracks on this "digital single" and the whole release clocks in at over an hour long.

Digging around i see that Mshhh (which is apparently pronounced "moosh") combined two previous releases and then threw in some "bonus tracks" to bring this release up to 18 tracks. The two releases combined here are Pack Your Suitcase, Or Settle Back Into Your Armchair and I'll Fly Through The Candle's Mouth Like A Singeless Moth, which is a pretty great title to be honest. Both of these releases were put out on BandCamp around the time this EiC release come out. I suppose that Mshhh are a little prolific...

Mshhh is the project of Garett Pierre, who apparently started Mshhh in Chicago but decided that he liked sweating a whole lot, so he relocated to Phoenix, AZ. There are some other names listed on the BandCamp page, but i am uncertain if anyone else is currently associated with the act. No matter...

Mshhh call themselves a "freak folk" band, which is a term that i associate with the sheer annoyance that was Devandra Banhart. However, Mshhh don't sound like that. This is simple electronic music with a few other elements thrown in, most notably melodica. Or, rather, the drone of melodica overpowers the samples and loops when it is preset, so i notice it.

Overall i think this is pretty cool stuff. Mshhh are like a mellower Her Space Holiday. That is, this music is made from percussion loops and keyboards, and it moves at a slow, almost ambient pace. This is peaceful, calm music and makes for great background listening. I like what Pierce is doing.

At 18 tracks this "digital single" is a bit much to go through track by track. In fact, you might find that the release is a little long. If you are not really into this kind of stuff, it might get a little tedious somewhere in the hour plus of listening.

But there are some really beautiful moments.

Loom In the Leaf Filtered Gloom is a really pretty tune with a hint of melancholy to it. The song starts with a kicking drum loop, then sparkling underwatery keys come in. The melodica wails in an almost tragic way overtop, and then towards the end the drum machine goes all spastic.

But Even In Her Laughter There Was Something Missing is a rare Mshhh song to include vocals, here from Amy Larisa Roberts, who may or may not still be involved with the project. She sings lightly, in layers over keyboards, but her voice is an interlude, as she fades out to be replaced by the melodica which is the main instrument on this entire release. The beats here are great, the drums just tapping away happily.

I also really like the final track, The Lamp Lit Row Of Houses. This is a lovely little tune with lots of echo on the piano some horns. A really pretty way to end the record. Go out strong.

I am impressed with Mshhh. Lots of interesting stuff here. Lots, and its free, so give it a chance.

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