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  Moon Gravity
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Moon Gravity is the solo ambient project of Stas Neilyk, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. Other than that, the information i have about this artist is sparse. I suppose that it makes sense that there isn't a lot of information about ambient music available online -- the genre is sparse, quiet, and kind of mysterious. Neilyk's music is spacey ambient drone, with vocals lost in the haze and distant.

There are only three songs on this release, which is almost half an hour long.

The first tune is Nightfall and it starts off with a synth drone and a guitar that is lightly plucked, echoing. This reminds me of the work of Yellow6, and they do seem to share a similar sonic palette. About halfway through the six minute tune, Neilyk adds some vocals. He whispers faintly, the sound of his voice forming another drone to go along with the chiming guitar riff. I like the addition of faint vocals to this largely instrumental musical style.

The second song is a very long, slow drone, sounds in layers fading in and out. It's called Snowstorm, the name being appropriate to the hazy music here. At nine minutes into its twelve minute length, a skipping synth beat comes in as Neilyk stomps on a distortion pedal, making the guitar noise into a deep fuzzed-out rumble. It's a fascinating transition, and the last three minutes of this song remind me of Love and Rockets. The guitar is all fuzzy and groaning as drums echo in the background. This is a wonderful tune.

The final song here, Purpling, has a looped riff that just repeats a simple pattern, while over that guitar soars through histrionics of distortion, echo, and sound. It reminds me of icanhearthemusicallaroundme-era Yellow6. Again, a very enjoyable tune.

I know that not everyone enjoys this kind of ambient guitar noodling, but if you do then you should check out Moon Gravity.

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