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  Miracles of God  

Hot Potato Records

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This 7" EP is, apparently, the second release from Iowa City, Iowa noisy punk act Miracles of God. They are a 4-piece band with two different singer/songwriters: Jason Hennesy and Sam Locke Ward.

Hennesy contributes 2 tunes to the A-side of this release. The first of these is called Shake The Ass, in which Hennesy sings in a falsetto (or maybe he just has a high-pitched voice) over a frenetic beat and some fuzzy guitarwork. This sounds kind of like the work of Boyracer or, vaguely, Sebadoh. Hennesy's second tune is called Torture, and is a slower-paced affair with delicate vocals and squealing guitar, more Elephant 6 here than anything else. Both tunes are low-fi and catchy, and not bad at all.

Locke Ward takes side B, and starts off with a tune called Rape City. This is a catchy tune, with nice riffing, and a voice at times swallowed by the guitaring. I have to admit, the chorus is catchy; when he sings "We must escape from Rape City", you just want to sing along. However, this is not something you want to be singing at the office. Still, it's a good tune that moves a long nicely in a lo-fi rock sort of way. It features a really nice Pixies bass riff, and Locke Ward's voice is scratchier and deeper, more manly than the voice of Hennesy in the "i smoke too much" sort of way.

Locke Ward's second tune is called You're Evil. It reminds me, ever so slightly, of Paint It Black in its high-pitched sitar-like guitar riffing. The song moves frenetically, and is a loud messy event. I bet this kicks in concert.

Overall, this is quality music. The band makes good, loud lo-fi rock music. If you like that sort of thing, they are worthy of a listen.

Now, this was released on Hot Potato Records, also of Iowa City. They score relatively low on my personal prejudices. Nowhere can i find a speed, but since this is in the rare 7" EP format, one can correctly guess that this plays at 33 RPM. Each side is clearly marked as to the contents, so that's a good thing.

I guess my overall verdict is this: who knew there was cool music in Iowa City?

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