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For a while there i had feared that Floridian shoegaze act Mira had broken up. Turns out they were just on "hiatus", whatever that may mean. There is a new album out this year, and to get geared up for it they have released this 4 song single.

The first track is Pieces, which will be on the new album. This has a great bass heavy opening, and in fact the basswork is awesome on this tune. A dark and menacing bass riff dominates this song and contrasts nicely with the overdriven dueling guitars. As the first new Mira tune i had heard in a few years, i have to note that Regina Sosinski's voice still sounds good. Overall, this is a good song, and it reminds me of Apart, but with slightly better production. That is, the guitars are nicely fuzzy, and they swallow the voice. It makes it seem as if Ms. Sosinski, with her delicate voice, is surrounded by a wall of furious guitar.

The next track Window Seat, will also be on the album. This song is wonderful. It is clear and sunny, with crisp drumming and a nice layer of whispering noise behind Sosinksi's voice (only noticeable on headphones). It is a great shoegaze pop tune, and is actually, gasp, an upbeat song. Yes, Mira have recorded a happy tune, shocking i know, but they actually do it well. The rhythm is great here, and the guitars cascade in chiming layers. Really nice.

The third track here is the "alternate mix" of No Other Way. Presumably this is an alternative mix to what will appear on the album, and i think that by "alternate mix" what they mean is "demo". The production is much rawer here, and in some way that makes the song sound warmer. I like the way the drumming is recorded here, making drummer Alan Donaldson sound almost like Mick Turner of The Dirty 3. The bass is a slow thudding, the guitars meander under a weight of slide and tremolo, and Sosinski cuts loose and sings strong and sultry. This has a vague jazz feel to it, and almost sounds like a Devics tune. Wonderful stuff.

The fourth and final track on this single is a tune called Todd Space Is My Day Job, and this is Mira covering fellow Floridian act, Cream Adbul Babar. I have never heard of that other act, so i have no idea how faithful this version is to the original. However, aside from a slight difference in singing style (fewer drawn out notes and something close to screaming at times), this sounds like a typical Mira tune. It is not bad, but not spectacular.

Overall though, i am impressed with this single. Good stuff. I look forward to the new album.

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