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  Indoor Miner  

The Massproducktion label emerged from punk scene, and of the releases I've heard from recent years, this has most in common with their beginnings. I say this because Marble! is full of short, sharp, shouty pop songs by a two boy/two girl band with singer Tove Harstrom bellowing out the lyrics over a thrashy backdrop. They sound like the missing link between The Go-Go's and Peel's old Swiss faves, Kleenex.

Dye My Hair lets you know what you're in for straight away. It's shouty, fun, with a decent (and prominent) bassline. Nancy Drew is another good one, with just a hint of The Rezillos, whilst Johnny Johnny automatically makes one think of The Undertones' Jimmy Jimmy. At 2 minutes 43 seconds, it's the longest number here.

Other highlights include BAM!, which is definitely one of the best tunes here, and Marble Rock, which features a stop/start riff with a quick snatch of sax and early 80s Pigbag-like clattery drums thrown in the middle for good measure. Pump Our Gas has a real 1977-type guitar riff with the following charming verse…

"Little missy prissy girly pants
Bet I didn't fit into your plans
Now get your filthy hands off my man"


The punk influence is confirmed by their choice of cover that closes the album - the old Vibrators single, Judy Say. It's not a great version the truth be told, but there's sense they're having a lot of fun playing it. And there's plenty of fun to be had listening to this album, too, and at around the twenty minute mark, it certainly doesn't over-stay its welcome. I'm not suggesting Marble! is a classic by any means, but it is refreshingly simple. And enjoyable, too.

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