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  It Looks Sad.
  Tiny Engines  
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Charlotte pop punk band It Looks Sad. are back with a new single and further plans to infuriate music writer's MS Word with their damned extra period! Ugh, the punctuation!

It's a pretty good single too.

A-Side Creature starts off with some nice tinkly guitar, before the drums come crashing in. The voice is half-swallowed and buried under the guitars on the chorus. It moves along at a fair clip, happy and bouncy.

B-side Nagoya seems to have a different singer from the previous tune. They don't make these kinds of things very clear for the listener so who can tell. The guitar work is noodley and subtle on the verses, bringing to mind Archers of Loaf, but on the choruses the music swells up into a lovely pounding and wailing and grinding mess.

Not bad at all. Keep it up, Charlotte.

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